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LEVEL 1.3 "The Dragon Tail"



The course is intended for people that already have passed the second comprehensive Level 1. The third level is directed on improving the basic skills of the essential human nature. Main principles of the course are basic and initial preparations on system “Dead”, “Revivals”, “Dragon”. The student acquires knowledge and practical skills on working with the dead force and how the Person of Light is formed. Work on the “dragon” system with specific amorphous and structural forces of the essential nature “Nafs”.

You learn about concepts, like:

  • The essence of the body of sub consciousness called “Nafs”,they're the owners of the dense bodies of a human, its positive and negative actions.

  • The essence of the lungs “Po”, its communication with the essence “Nafs”, and sexual energy.

  • The person in the system “Sky-person-earth”.

  • What is “the Tail of the Dragon”, and its communication with essence “Nafs”, and the vertical streams of energy.

  • What is the ritual weapon and its use for personal improvement.

  • What is “The Dragon Gate”, how do the hidden forces awake in the person, and what do they give to the person.

  • Creation of powerful protective characteristics using the essence “Nafs” and the technology “the Tail of the Dragon”.

  • Explanations about the concept «Dead Force». Its negative and positive aspects and it's techniques of use.

You will learn to improve your skills:

  • Activation and improvement of essence “Nafs”.

  • Activation of the essence “Po”.

  • Joining the root system – exercise the Tree of life.

  • Formation and development of “the Tail of the Dragon”

  • Connection to root system using «the Tail of the Dragon».

  • Techniques of collective working with the «Dead Force» by the principle “The cycle of hag”.

It will give to you:

  • Conscious use and ruling over the forces of the essence “Nafs”

  • Conscious use and ruling over the forces of the essence “Po”

  • The possibility of using a ritual weapon for spiritual development.

  • Awakening and improving huge potential vital forces.

  • Various skills of suggestion that influence on existential characteristics.

  • To look more widely and realize the reality .

  • To be able to transform negative processes to positive.

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