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Everything is predetermined: Russia received the unique technology

Vyacheslav Bronnikov predicted the return of the Crimea to Russia in 2007...

The name of Vyacheslav Bronnikov is very contradictory. The author of the unique method of “Alternative vision” fell into disgrace of the academic community together with the supervisor of the St. Petersburg Institute of Human Brain, Natalia Petrovna Bekhtereva, who has researched this ability for several years, including through a Russian President's grant. However, both came out of that difficult situation very worthy...

The war has been going on for a long time.

He is still teaching the basics of the method and is now developing applied technologies for working with the unconscious in terms of “dark matter”. And she made a bold application for several discoveries at once, many of which were adopted, including at the Kurchatov Institute... We decided to talk on the eve of the New Year (the time of special attention to the forecasts) with Vyacheslav Bronnikov as a person who unmistakably predicted the annexation of the Crimea to Russia back in 2007. Perhaps he is the one who knows what awaits us next?

- Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, there is a “renaissance” of the Cold War in the world. Different opposing forces almost every day talk about the inevitability of the Third world war, including scenarios with the use of nuclear weapons. It is good that so far at the media level... At the same time, the USA journalists have published documentary data on the existence in their country of tools that make a zombie out of a person and even able to cause forced death. Tell me, what could be the principle of operation of such weapons?

- There is such a scientist - Alexander Borisovich Pupko. He is a former assistant to Beria, a teacher of higher military school, one of the theorists of warfare. He became a very famous person after the publication of his book: "A Human is a Fighting Machine" His book describes the historical sequence of the emergence of new weapons from spears, bows, swords, to nuclear weapons of mass destruction. In continuation of his concept, I have my own complementary and continuing thought - the concept of new, informational, wars. First: any war is always someone's business. All other political motives are just a maneuver that distracts people's attention from real events. All the orange revolutions in the world is the part of the same story.

I have heard many times that there is a great tension in the world that needs to be removed only on the basis of war. But from my point of view, it is a misunderstanding. The so-called world elite is afraid of impending chaos and unrest from human resources, which they considered as zombies and which include 80% of the world's population. Therefore, they are doing everything to create a total indirect control over each individual by searching for an active negative object on the Internet, satellite connection to a person and his technology for spying and influence. They plan that in the future it will grow into a system of total control, which will allow you to give or take life time. So the future "money" is a bio-currency, and in fact - a human lifetime on Earth, which can be taken from some people and assigned by others... Now everything is being done so that as few people as possible can understand this. This is where the misunderstanding of the actual processes taking place. There is a real war of cultures. There is a transition of consciousness from the earthly, primitive perception of reality to the cosmic, global level of awareness. But so far this transition can be made not by many.

- Who is affected by "forced suggestion" and who is not? After all, not everyone is subject to the same hypnosis...

- It all depends on the task and the type of impact methods used. Such technologies of affecting on a human were developed, which affect everyone, who does not have protection. IT IS NECESSARY TO FIND YOURSELF AS AN INFORMATION SUBSTANCE - IT IS A HUMAN SAFETY AND CARE FROM DISEASES AND INFLUENCES. Including the influence of the so-called the "Subtle World". A true design of a human is hidden from him. In the original basis, he is an “information pixel,” and dense levels of organization of his body and his subtle bodies are a tool for realizing his needs and abilities. The Scripture says that man was created in the image and likeness of God. And certainly not for him to just eat, drink and reproduce and endlessly consume obtuse content. “The one who has found himself - the world is not worthy of him” - says the Apocryphal Fifth Gospel of Thomas. A modern person should be able to work with their assembly points, as well as other information technologies, allowing them to be free from any influences.

- Russia is said to have its answer to the American psi weapon - the AURA-15T device. Open sources inform that this device improves brain activity and helps to improve subcortical activity... Are you involved in this development?

No, we have no relation to the AURA-15T device and other technical means of influencing a person. They are good only from the point of view that, in principle, the very existence of techniques for activating brain activity was introduced into the mass consciousness. And not only in science, but also in everyday life. Only twenty years ago, Natalya Petrovna Bekhtereva was almost harassed for researching the super powers of the brain. And now even children work with the improved versions of the AURA-15T device, which was created, thanks also to her research! But you have to understand that it's just a technique that can be disabled or programmed in a beneficial way for someone at any time. So, the future belongs to the development of the personal psychobiocomputer given to man by nature, which opens up literally unlimited possibilities. The future lies in the development of a holographic interface of the brain, a gluon computer, the human Internet, and all this without the slightest use of artificial devices.

Russia cannot be stopped

– In your opinion, how can Russia respond to the increasing aggression?

– Only the formation of intellectual, human, creative capital, owning psychobiocomputer technologies in different directions. People have always been the main asset of Russia. And those trained in such technologies (especially those who work in military and space areas) will lead Russia forward, which will enable it to be protected from any negative impacts.

- At your lecture in St. Petersburg, in 2007, you said that the Crimea will be Russian. At the same time, you were still Ukrainian yourself, and you worked in Russia as a guest worker, including at the invitation of Natalia Petrovna Bekhtereva. What was the basis of your confidence that "The Crimea is ours", even seven years before the event?

- I found out the fact that the Crimea will become Russian back in 1993, when I was 41 years old. It happened during the exam to my Master from Tibet. He allowed me to socially widely disseminate the method and create my system, and I still do it. “The method should be developed in Feodosiya and in Russia,” he told me then. I objected that Feodosiya is Ukraine, not Russia. But he repeated in the affirmatively: "Feodosiya will be in Russia, and Russia will begin to spread its influence throughout the world." And it was after the collapse of the USSR, when Russia was almost balanced on the verge of extinction... For me, this knowledge about the future was very important, as many proposals to go abroad followed in the future. But I believe, serve, and worship the Master as a true disciple. And as we all know, that is exactly what happened. Feodosiya became Russian. The Master knew about it beforehand... So everything is already predetermined.

- Based on this, what will happen to Russia? Can you predict?

- Russia will influence all world processes. Not the USA and China, but Russia. That is why our country has received universal knowledge and technologies of the 6th and 7th technological structure for the creation of weapons of the latest generation, as well as divine information for the transition of man from earth to space for informational existence in multidimensional and heterogeneous different spaces and worlds. Except our school one of its active carriers – Sergey Sukhonos, the scientist who mathematically proved that a human is the center and meaning of existence of the Universe... I am absolutely sure that a huge, amazing and fantastic future awaits Russia. There is no country with such spiritual potential and such a perspective. And the Crimea will become a place of education for "space children" given to Russia for the transformation of all mankind. A kind of year-round "Island of childhood", as it was in the Soviet Artek. Only now within the entire territory.

Noosphere textbook

According to your lectures on the Net, you are one of the ascetics of the formation of the noosphere not as science, but as a method. There have been already about thirty definitions on the Internet of what it is. These are the laws of the development of society, and the study of the principles of human development in the universe and religious studies and applied psychology, and even extrasensory... And what do you mean by this concept?

- In Russian the concept of "noosphere" was officially introduced by the outstanding Russian scientist Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky. According to his concept, “in the biosphere there is a great geological, perhaps, cosmic force, whose planetary action is usually not taken into account in ideas about space... This force is the mind of man, the aspiring and organized will of him as a being of society." (Unquote.) In addition to Vernadsky, in my opinion, a great contribution to the development of the noosphere as a science was made by the father of Natalia Petrovna Bekhtereva – Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev, although he did not speak much about it. So, in fact, the topic is really inexhaustible. And where should it be developed if not in Russia? This explains the abundance of formulations - each researcher contributes his own opinion, his own side to the formation of the noosphere as the science of the future. I think that very soon all of them will be assembled into a single view. From my point of view, the noosphere is a planetary informational, leptonic environment, a social and technogenic factor. It serves as a preparatory stage in the creation of the planetary super-consciousness of the Earth, capable of self-awareness, self-development and self-defense. I am sure that very soon the study and even the teaching of the noosphere will begin in Russia, first in universities, and then in schools. I hope to have time to hold the first school textbook on the noosphere, as a continuation of today's lessons on the study of the “Surrounding World” in primary school ...

- What exactly are you doing now? What are you working on?

- I create a philosophical concept of a new reality, which, in my opinion, came a few years ago and is now beginning to "install" on Earth. I am preparing a series of books about this and many other things. In the interims I save from destruction the oldest Theodosia Church of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel of the XV century. Now we are striving for its restoration and turning into at least a museum complex. I can say that I grew up on the territory of this temple - this is my small homeland, which, as we know, cannot be abandoned. Especially in trouble ...

Written by Anna Avgusta

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