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Coronavirus as a stage of BIOCURRENCY

Humanity needs to transform for its own survival. This transformation is impossible without the systematization of humanity. To perform necessary sorting, supernational social institutes develop complexes of "artificial circumstances", arrange global "performances" to collect comprehensive information about every person. An individual will be classified on the basis of collected data and connected to the BIOCURRENCY program with the appropriate status.

Today we have come to the point when people are like puppets to play with. All the things happening worldwide, in many countries, everything is based on deception.

The more people get fooled, the easier it is to manipulate them. Remember how bolsheviks promised land to the peasants, plants to the workers, etc. Nobody got anything.

The work is performed with the crowd. And I repeat, the more you deceive, the easier people will believe you. A simple example – if you pour banana oil in woman’s ear, she believes it, falls in love and subdues to the man. This is the psychology. Back in the days everything was based on laws, principles, agreements, and now there is nothing left.

Everyone is playing a game, cultures are clashing. The world is ruled by myth-making. The world now is turning into a huge theater.

You hear information about coronavirus from serious people, who are not bringing a certain statistics. I will try to reveal to you certain things so you could understand the situation well. Ask your city funeral services, what diagnosis dead people are buried with. There are only four diagnoses. Died with coronary heart disease, fatal injury and two similar things, which will not mean anything to you. You think there are endorsements like "died with cancer", "died with COVID", but nothing of this kind. According to elementary statistics, there are 100 people dying in our Feodosia every month. In Naples, a big city, it is 900. But nobody says that during the past month in a previous year 900 people died, and until now 3000 people died. Nobody says it.

There is always a percentage of people, dying with traumas, common cold, lung inflammation, some infection, other diseases. There is always a certain death rate.

Now, looking at the primitive consciousness of the people, there is a whole war with the consumer by means of deception. It is related to products, medicines, production of devices, cars, etc. Deception is everywhere. The substitution of values is everywhere. This leads to omitting of the natural selection, it does not impact humankind anymore. Thus, the future of humankind is self-destruction.

Because every state is ruled by closed research social institutes, history institutes, culture institutes. They develop programs. There are following supernational institutes are created: research, culture and history institutes. And supernational institutes and intranational institutes are fighting and struggling with each other. This struggle has been going on for a long time. We see the leaders of many countries gradually obey to this world government. National programs are introduced.

Nowadays there are social programs, used to form separated psychopaths so humans become isolated from each other.

There is a massive work is going on with the society, with each man for a special task. At first, I would like to say that China is the first country which took its own population under control using computer technologies better than others. The virus was allegedly created in US military centers, and was launched in China. The performance of the spread of the coronavirus was specially developed. From my point of view, this is some kind of approbation, the study of human behavior. Remember first there was bird flu, swine flu, ebola virus etc. Regarding coronavirus. I mean, there is a military technology of similar social influences on a large number of people. But this is not the main goal.

At the level of military laboratories, everything has been tested and worked out for a long time. Soon every person will have a cell phone in his hand, in his body. All this is already there. A certain system of control and accounting of various functions will be in your hands. This all already exists. Chips are already outdated and have lost all meaning back in the 90s. Now, with the help of a laser, various properties and qualities can be put into a person using special technologies. They turn on the vision of the military with a laser, introduce various plasma technologies into a person. A person can easily interact with a computer brain. But there is a problem in psychology. For you to wear certain devices in your body, a program with tattoos was specially launched. People are already psychologically accustomed to using cell phones, tablets, laptops, that is, they are already, as it were, inextricably linked with them. In a few years, people will no longer have displays in front of them, but inside their heads, they will already have their own displays.

That is why I do this alternate vision, inner vision. This has been working for the military for a long time. Russia carried out rearrangement for the reason that we have such developments in Russia that are difficult for ordinary people to even imagine. It is necessary to prepare people psychologically for this scientific and technical future. For this, one hundred special information centers were created in Russia under the Russian Federal Security Service. Centers to create total control over every person created in China, in the USA. What is it for? Each person will be connected to a satellite with a lepton beam. This was clearly stated in the Discovery broadcast. America, China and Russia are in a hurry, who is faster, to create a concentrated lepton beam from a satellite up to 6 centimeters, which will connect a person to the satellite through the head for total control. But there is one problem. Let me explain. The fact is that each individual represents a certain system and according to the plan of "institutions", it must be included in a certain classification.

To implement the total control plan, each person must be attributed to a certain group in the classification, including three parameters:

1. Each person is a specific system and there is a large list of these classifications. And each system has a specific lifetime. For example, a machine tool has a lifetime of 5 years. Depending on the profession, you belong to a certain classification, and accordingly, you have a certain life time.

2. The second point is the type of behavior. Everyone has their own type of behavior. And your life time also depends on your behavior.

3. The third most important point that is used by these information centers is the properties of the individual.

These are the three main points with which the security services work to implement total control. And the time of his life can be projected for each person. That's how biocurrency works.

In order to sort people, to organize this, different conditions are needed for working with the masses. The coronavirus was launched for this task. While people are busy with the coronavirus, they have the specific impact that is necessary for the task. The system for the implementation of total control and classification is being developed. And this is only the initial stage, there is a long approbation ahead. This is a long, repeated process of exposure under the guise of various types of “some” infection. This is the most convenient option: no one is to blame except the people themselves and the infection. And in fact there is a preparation for total control for the introduction of biocurrency.

In the American film “In Time” 2012, you have already been told about everything, what awaits you in the future. There are many such films prepared in advance. And these films should be watched not just like that, but as educational material. Life time will either be given to a person or taken away. Here you need to know that this is based on space technologies. Those countries that do not have such powerful space technologies as the USA, Russia and China will not exist in the future. They will have to enter under the auspices of Russia, the USA or China, become their vassals, or they will disappear. It`s our future. I absolutely aware of what is happening and how. I believe that this is the right process, progress cannot be stopped. Those people who will not fit into the future, of course, will not exist. I repeat that everything depends on the psychology of perception and behavior.

The coronavirus has nothing to do with biocurrency. The coronavirus simply creates conditions for the classification, sorting of people. This is the preparatory stage. Biocurrency as a technology has already been launched, but it has not yet been included in the human plan, because the classification and systematization of people have not yet been worked out. The coronavirus is used to test this system. Some reason was needed, some reason to control the masses for this task.

This is a lengthy process that will take another five years.

It is a large-scale performance. This performance provides for political and economic success. The success lies in the fact that the rulers or almost all the rulers of different countries support this theme, talk about it, pump it up from scratch. This suggests that they are all captured by a common control system. Recently, certain friends told me about one governor in whose area there are absolutely no patients, and he spoke with such zeal about the coronavirus, as if he was sick, the whole family was sick and half of the city was sick. This suggests that he wants to enter this elite of world governance. So that everyone there understands that he is his own, he will say everything he needs, just take him there. The people around him laugh. It is a large-scale performance.

And now it is a game, training, rehearsal. All the terrible is yet to come. But it will be definitely. Our world rulers will organize all this. Because without this it is impossible to create a unified noospheric system. Even the Bible says that the time will come for the separation of the wheat from the chaff.

And to those who asked what to do not to get sick, I can only answer that it is all about psychology. Remember: where there is a thought – there is energy, where there is energy – there is blood.

A thought should be directed to the Earth – work with the Earth, memory, to Heaven – this is the future, to the Material Space (right hand), thought should be directed to the Intangible Space (left hand), i.e. to design. A thought should be directed forward, i.e. creating some kind of chaos, dynamics. And a thought should be directed backwards, where is the guardian angel, harmony. Psychology is based on the fact that if you have a harmonious aura, the sphere is developing in dynamics, then you are protected and you will not be ill. And if you are directed in one direction, you have a distortion of the FG and your situation will be like the saying: “I pulled my legs out – my head got stuck. I pulled my head out – my legs got stuck. “I am against lying, because this is a one-sided development. And if you are not lying, but playing with the situation, then this is a very valuable position. At the same time, one must try to understand, to know what superconsciousness is. Superconsciousness is the reaction of the Environment to your behavior and state. If you are internally well organized, then the Environment will do nothing to you. It is known that only a certain limited percentage of people suffer and die from any pathology. Because the disease itself needs carriers. If she kills everyone, then she herself will die.

Nobody tells you the statistics of how many people die from cancer per month. Because this is prohibited information. And in this case with the coronavirus, there is a general global performance, pumping. And as you now understand, some three centers created this effect. The effect is maintained, pumped up, so God forbid it doesn't go out. Since this is the classification of people. Because, as you understand, preparatory work is underway to take everyone under strict control and, most importantly, enter into a certain classification.

I want to reiterate that information centers that create global control, are interested in the classification of your system. I.e. where you belong as a system. And there are a lot of types of systems. The type of your behavior, the properties of the individual, etc.

It is already known on what and how to influence in order to increase or decrease the life time of a person. We work with a deity responsible for social time, we work with a deity responsible for the biological time of a person's life. We work with the original time at the protomatrix of a given person. We engaged in our own programs to replace human life programs. We replace deities in the FG of the destiny of man, but the most dangerous and bad thing that is going on, which you do not yet know about, a program related to the HARVEST TIME has recently started. I.e. in parallel with all this, there is a massive preparation of people and deities for destruction. The gods did not expect this, they never had this. Previously, only a percentage of the people were destroyed during the harvest. Now deities are also being destroyed. The most dangerous thing is when a person exhausts his life program or violates it. We have already repeatedly saved and helped certain people to leave this program, we have such an opportunity, we had such situations when we helped people, when the deity of the Harvest had already captured the person and the object was preparing for destruction. But the Harvest program runs in parallel and does not concern the coronavirus.

That is, the future, unfortunately, is very sad. There is a process of formation a cosmic human from an earthly human. And like any childbirth, this process is painful. The whole problem is in a human, in his consciousness, in psychology.

Question: - Does this mean that they are manipulating history and reality?

VM: - Of course. The reality is already generally questionable, because everywhere there is deception, unfortunately. And history is even more so. From my point of view, history is the daughter prostitute of the mother of culture. History, unfortunately, is all false and distorted.

Question: - Who does the harvest?

VM: - There is such a female deity, she has many hypostases, she is entrusted and she is looking for deities, entities, people who do not fit into the future.

Question: - What should be done to be outside of electronic slavery, outside all these games of the elites, to be a free creature?

VM: - It's impossible. From my point of view, it is impossible to leave such a system. You just have to be not subordinate to this system, but to lead it. I'm trying to somehow fit into the control system. To do this, first of all, you need to be aware of what is happening.

Question: - How will the connection to the lepton beam be carried out?

VM: - if you are connected to this beam, then you have meaning and value. In the future, if they turn you off, you will die. Remember the connection of a person to the System in the “Matrix”?

Here is a photograph of a Chinese with the dots.

That is, these points of exit of the channels from the legs through the body to the head, exist in humans initially from birth. That is, this is the socket where they will connect, everyone has initially at birth. And to some extent, we are all connected to this channel. But in this case, I mean the connection to a man-made object - to a satellite.

For ordinary people, this is called the head of a dragon and objects bound on top. There are also a dragon tail and objects bound below. In this case, we mean binding to a satellite.

I see no reason to be especially afraid. You can die from anything. A certain percentage of people always die. But I think that with a strong inner position, a harmonious state, in this case, death will not frighten or touch us. As soon as a person gets hung up on one thing, there is a violation of FG, his position weakens, a predisposition to various pathologies appears.

Yes, there is a coronavirus, there are all sorts of infections, but in this case, there is a targeted pumping. It is necessary to distinguish between real pathology and pumping psychosis. These are two different things. I would like our people to be psychologically more stable, to better understand what is happening, and so easily do not fall into any false situation. There are enough idiots without us, so don't get caught.

Question: - What will happen after the end of the Coronavirus program, and how to prepare yourself?

VM: - If I understand correctly the course of development of what is happening now, then there will be coronavirus number two, then number three. They will say that it mutates, everyone will die! Even Solomon said: “The number of fools is innumerable”.

I wish we were not included in this category. Yes, negative processes are underway, but we must be the most objective. Yes, it is necessary to socially transform the space, build total control, systematize everything, accountability. This is the loss of a certain freedom, and this, of course, is bad. But without this, there is no future. The world turns into a single system, into a single living organism. I know even more, I know what will happen next. Humanity will transform into a single human superorganism. Artificial intelligence will transform into a single planetary organism. And there will be many such planetary organisms. Everything goes to this. This is our future.

from Webinar by Vyacheslav Bronnikov

"Coronavirus as a stage of BIOCURRENCY organizing"



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