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Academician of the International Academy of Informatization, Academician of the Science Academy of social technologies and local government, Ph.D., Professor.


Vyacheslav Bronnikov leads activities since 1992. He is an author of more than seventy scientific articles and publications. He has trained more than 50,000 specialists. There are more than 260 references about him in the media in Russia, Holland, Japan, America and in other 34 countries.



  • General Director of The Ideological Center of the Corporate System Menegment.

  • President of the Corporation "Noosphere World."

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation "Noosphere World."

  • General Director of the International Coordination Center "Ardabda", Feodosia, Crimea.

  • President of the Psychobiocomputer Valley.

  • Dean of the Faculty "Philosophy of the Science Cosmopsychobiology" of the World Noosphere University of the Cosmic Investigations (WNUCI).

  • Dean of the Faculty "Noosphere psychology" (WNUCI).



  • The Author of the method "Information Human Development"

  • The Head of "The Scientific School of Cosmopsychobiology"

  • The Author of the discovery of the new human brain’s ability - " Psychobiocomputer".

  • The Author of the method "The Formation of an alternative vision of the person".

  • The author of the method "The formation and development of phantom senses of the human".

  • The Author and director of the program "The Human Internet".

Article by Vyacheslav Bronnikov

Article by Vyacheslav Bronnikov

Holographic Interface Of The Human Brain




The Messenger of the star "Vega", constellation Lyra, which consciously came into material life as an Avesha.

Assembles the representatives from the star Vega in the system: project "Potolok" and its program.

Trains the specialists for "Living Ships."

Works with the three Heaven and Earth worlds for the preparation of people for the process of the relocation of spaces.



Educated by twelve teachers. Has an initiation name "Fekleron" (The Torch of God).

Is the guardian of the sacraments of different cultures and people, religious and magical systems.



Follows the path of Ati Yoga - Dzogchen teachings. Has the teaching of Mantrayana-Bodhicitta – the self-arisen knowledge - "The Precious ship"



From a very young age V.M. Bronnikov possesses a vast amount of knowledge. This can be partly explained by his heritage and partly by the place of his birth

- A large part of his knowledge comes from his family. They pass on the Templar system the ‘Ruby Eye of the Dragon’, a technique that deals with direct vision with closed eyes. This technique is known since ancient times and is a part of many martial art systems. Bronnikov: “I only possess the knowledge of the ‘Ruby Eye of the Dragon’, which is just one of eight parts of the total ‘Dragon System’. The knowledge of the other seven parts is spread all over the world, each of us will complete the total system with a specific technique”


- Another great influence has been the city Feodosiya (Crimea, Russia), where he was born on February 1st 1952. The official name of the city is Theodosia, which means ‘Given by the Gods’. The city is approximately 8000 years old and stands for universal wisdom and mysticism.

Bronnikov: “The place where I grew up is very special and possesses many power places. It is called the place of the dragon force, it is said a wounded dragon lies here from which a source of power flows. Right at that place is a holy water spring. Also you will find the church of archangels Gabriel and Michael, the church of the Holy creation. Nearby is the sacred mountain Mitrdat, it is said that Hermes Trismegistus VI is buried here. Each one of these places has its own qualities/essences and taught me something special”. At this unique spot, partly on the old city walls, he build the Bronnikov Information center.


Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR State Prize Laureate, Scientific Director of the Institute of Human Brain Russian Academy of Sciences, a foreign member Austrian, Finnish Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Medicine and Psychiatry, the International Academy of Ecology, Safety of the human and nature.

Vyacheslav Bronnikov was invited by Natalia Bekhtereva and participated in the research work at the Institute of the Human Brain in 2001.

Natalia Bekhtereva and Vyacheslav Bronnikov received a certificate and a medal from the United Nations at the congress in Saint - Petersburg "The results of the Millennium".

Lyudmila Kuchma

The wife of the former President of Ukraine (1997-1998).

Vyacheslav Bronnikov held a program of the improvement of the children’s health and the trainings of specialists in Kiev and Ukraine. Participated in a personal delegation of Lyudmila Kuchma in Lviv at the meeting with Hillary Clinton in 1997.

Hillary Clinton

The wife of the former President of the United States (1997).

The Meeting with Hillary Clintontook place in Lviv. According to the protocol of the meeting was given 5 minutes. The meeting lasted 45 minutes. There is a film about this meeting.

Akamatsu Hitomi

Doctor of Philosophy and Psychology, Psychotherapist at Monash University (Australia), part of the TOP 1000 the greatest women of the 21st century, President of the «Energy Healing Asia International».

Studied the Bronnikov Method in the Dutch Bronnikov center in Amsterdam, then in the Bronnikov center in  Saint Petersburg taught by the specialists of the method and by the author personally. Filmed a few Japanese movies about Vyacheslav Bronnikov.

Head of the Department of Ophthalmology of the Tver Medical Academy.

Professor of the MSU, Head of Computer Methods in Physics, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Scientific researches on the Bronnikov-phenomenon “Radar vision of the brain”.

Korotkov Konstantin

Ph.D., deputy director of the St. Petersburg State Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture; Professor of the Department of Computer Systems Projecting, St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics; president International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography.

Conducting joint activities, researches, international conferences.

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Is a contemporary Russian mystic and writer. Reality transurfing - an esoteric doctrine being published by Vadim Zeland since 2004. It suggests an idea of multivariant reality where events happen in an infinite number of spaces at the same time. 

Professor of Education, the Dean of the Almaty State University named after Abai, Kazakhstan, corresponding member of Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences, Academician MAS.

Trustee of the President of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Board of Rectors of Kazakhstan.

Gigauri Vladimir

Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Dean of the Russian New University, Chairman of the Board of Directors of commercial non-state universities in Russia.

President of the Academy of Management Innovation, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Scientist of Russia.

Slepokurov Alexander

Full member, vice-president of the Crimean Academy of Sciences.

Father Theodore

Archbishop of St. Petersburg and Sergiev Posad Russian True Orthodox (Catacomb) Church, PhD.

Gyeshye lharamba Ngavang Tsondu

Teacher of teachers of Tibetan monks from India, Geshe (Doctor of Science), Monastery-University of Drepung Gomang.

Traveled to Russia to conduct rituals and acquire new knowledge and techniques of spiritual development.

Academician of Russian Folk Academy of Sciences, a physicist, a writer, a leading expert of the Association "Ecology of the unknown", winner of the award named after Vladimir Vernadsky.

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Patent for the invention

No. 2134596

from August 20, 1999

“System of correction of  the condition of the person”,

 the author is V. M. Bronnikov.

Patent for the invention

No. 2143290

from December 27, 1999


author - V. M. Bronnikov.

Patent for the invention

No. 2157263

from October 10, 2000

“System of opening of an internal screen by the person”, author - V. M. Bronnikov.

The market value evaluation certificate No. 992 from 15 December 2007.

Market value of assets of the project for 25.12.2007 constitutes at least 294 490 000 000 rubles that is equivalent $11,78 billion, floating rate of 25 rub / 1$.

The Certificates of the Russian Authors' Society:


• 1586 from July 25, 1996

The method of the harmonization of the organs and systems of the human body


• 1598 from August 1, 1996

The training method of harmonization of the organs and systems of the human body


• 12454 of September 6, 2007

Scientific and Methodological Elaboration "Informational Human Development"


• 15374 of July 2, 2009


• 15584 of August 21, 2009

MANUAL «Level II – Development of the Inner Vision"


• 15861 of November 6, 2009

MANUAL «Level III – formation of an Alternative Vision in the person (direct perception of the information without the help of the eyes)".



• 432,976 of 04/06/09 – The Bronnikov method


• 433636 of 04/06/09 – Psychobiocomputer




According to the "Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation "The market value of the project "Informational Human Development" is 11,78 bln. USD.



1. The author and the manager of the project "Potolok", which includes the program:

  • «The Sun 2»

  • «Living Ships»

  • «The Black Pearl»

  • «The New Living Matter»


2. The author and the director of the International project "Noosphere World – 15 reality."


3. The author and the director of the International Investment project "Information social ecology of the 21st century."



• Certificate of Merit

"For the big contribution in the field of psychological science and practice in the Republic of Kazakhstan" from the authorized person of the President of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Council of Deans  of Kazakhstan, Dean of the University of Abaya T.S.Sadykova.


• Diploma of the World Committee of the Third Millennium

"For the creation of the method of formation of an alternative vision in the Humans (The Bronnikov method)."



The International Conference "Results of the Millennium", 2000

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