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The method consists of 18 levels of development, and each level has 18 complication levels.

Today is known and used only a small part of this knowledge.

On this page you can see the already prevalent levels and their contents.

Level 4.1
18 development levels
Level 3.2
Level 2.2
Level 1.4
Level 1.5
Level 1.6
Level 1.7
Level 1.8

18 complication levels

The first and most important part of the method is Level 1. This is the fundament the method is build on. You learn to develop important skills and make the right connections which are necessary to master the next levels of method. You learn to play and work with your own body-energy. The body needs these energies to flow, to activate the immune-system and to repair itself.

The partner-exercises activate the exchange and develop the acceptance of mutual complementation. 



The next step is learning to work with your Bio-computer. The Bio-computer is a natural system to digest information. Everyone is already equipped with a Bio-computer from birth. You are able to take up, digest, store and easily access all sort of information. A well developed bio-computer is able to replace the functions of many devices (e.g. those of a watch, a compass, binoculars, etc). All information about every subject can be stored in the bio-computer without any memory overload.


Development of an ability to see the outer environment with eyes closed.

When the eyes are closed we create an image on the inner screen similar to the image that is in the surrounding space around us in the material world.

A system of special exercises develops an objective vision of colors, forms, spatial orientation. After a short practice the brain starts seeing the surrounding world on its own. We call this phenomenon Direct or an Alternative Vision.



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