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LEVEL 1.2 "Essential Human Nature"



An ancient wisdom considered the core origin of the human being to consist of three main qualities that foster vital functions in the human body. These qualities are 1. the Energy; 2. the Vision; 3. Essences.


Level 1.2. is aimed to develop the basic qualities of the essential human nature.


The offered technique of autogenic training exercises is related to the inner alchemy and used to be a closed system. Due to irrepressible increase of pathologies among people, especially cancer, this technique can serve as prevention against adverse impact of the energy-and-information environment onto the essential nature of the human body.


Our approach is ‘A step of theory is followed by  a step of practice’. 

You will discover

the following phenomena:


  • Essences, their varieties, adverse and beneficial impact on the human organism.

  • Nafs as the essence and the master of the physical bodies of the human organism, its adverse and beneficial impact.

  • Firstborn essences of the Sky, the Human, and the Earth. Their characteristics and qualities. The mechanism of tuning and deformation of this system that may cause different Yin and Yang diseases.

  • The state of 'The Presence of the Emptiness', the ways to acquire it and its effect for the human being.

  • Essences of the human nature: the Snake for the sense of touch, the Tiger for the sense of smell, the Monkey for the hearing, the Bird for the eyesight. The mechanism to activate and develop human firstborn qualities.

  • The exercise 'Prokachka with the essences of the four animals', the new human qualities revealed by it.

  • 'The Dragon Gates' as the way to liberate huge forces concealed in the human. Its impact on the person.

  • The Pregnant Animals technique and the creation of a new living potential through it. Development of concentration, accumulation and maintenance of the forces.

  • The Dead Force. Explanation, usage, its adverse and beneficial impact.

You will master techniques

to develop the following abilities


All the exercises are divided into static and dynamic ones.



1.  To introduce the essences of the Mother-Earth, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit into the body.


2.   To introduce the essences of the Snake, the Tiger, the Monkey, and the Bird into the body.


3. To open the five Dragon Gates in the human body: "The Gate of the Earth Dragon", "The Gate of the Sky Dragon", "The Gate of the Central Dragon", "The Gate of the Large Dragon", "The Gate of the United Dragon".



1. Prokachka with the animals: the Snake, the Tiger, the Monkey, and the Bird. Work is done in pairs: the teacher and the student. The animal "comes out" of the teacher into the student creating new characteristics both in the teacher and the student. They discover new ways to feel and to manage the forces of nature creating a ritual dance.

2. The technique of prokachka with 'The Pregnant Animals' offers a new additional potential of the concentration and filling with amazing forces previously unknown to people.


3.   The technique of working with 'The Dead Force'. For the first time a person experiences the loss of the living force and opening of the second wind in 'The Ocean of Energy'. The work is done in pairs: the Teacher and the Student.  As a teacher the person learns to use 'The Dead Force' conscientiously for the first time. This technique develops the Human of the Light.


4.   The technique of 'Awakening the Nafs'. For the first time the student feels a huge power and might, generated within his own body and activates his living potential. The Nafs is the essence of the Dragon inside of the human body. It has to be conquered or trained like a horse.

This will help you:


  • To use the Force of the Earth, the Sky and your own living forces conscientiously.

  • To get further spiritual development, form a new world understanding and perception.

  • To discover and develop a new potential of your living forces.

  • To work with the environment by moving out of yourself your new fine material technical resources into the outside space in order to create and manage situations.

  • To create a strong link between yourselves and objects and use their forces.

  • To be open to reality and understand it in a better way.

  • To turn the negative processes into positive ones.

  • The classes lead to forming a new spiritual maturity in the person.

  • As a result, new essential forces appear that guard and protect the person. "Discretion is the better part of valour."

  • The offered technique is the basis of Chi Kung, Wushu and various other martial arts techniques.

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