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Our Learning Programs

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Neurovision – is an educational training program for the expert diagnosticians.


We develop an ability of the super-conscious perception, the ability to see their internal organs with the brain, subtle effects in and around the human body, the structure of cells, tissues, etc. As well as the ability to diagnose the business, organization in a thin plane, conduct the diagnostic life destiny, situation and so on.


The unique training system, built on the principle of "one step theory – one step practice".


The complex of exercises with practical application supervised by teachers, will lead to sustainable results.


Mastering the necessary capabilities and characteristics carried out gradually develop practical, objective skills.

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World of Sight and Vision

The program «World of sight and vision» is designed for those who are not willing to put up with the restrictions imposed by the nature or life circumstances, but choosing the development of an alternative (direct) vision of the brain,

creating new opportunities and life experiences.


We will not only give a new life to blind and visually impaired people, but also create new jobs, a new social system.

Developing a special property of the brain - holographic interface of human brain in people, we create intellectual,

human and creative capital, such as managers, scientists, economists and other specialists

with holographic interface of human brain.


The program «The World of Sight and Vision» will help blind people to become independent,

to believe in themselves and expand their own capabilities.

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Is a program telling about the world of Protocultures, Holy sites, places of Power which are the causal structures influencing the existence of human beings remaining as invisible for a naked eye of humans as viruses, electricity, radiation.

Mass appearance of people with unique paranormal abilities, psychic powers add new ideas and discoveries; a human being - as the unique bio-device - is able to scan the space by itself, and to enter consciously the world of subtle energies.

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