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LEVEL 3.1. "Alternative vision"



The method of the outer, alternative vision with the eyes closed has been known since ancient times and is used in various martial arts' systems.

We offer you the method from the Knights Templar system – 'The Ruby Eye of the Dragon'. In the East this technique is called 'The Fire Dragon'.


Li Daochun, a famous Chinese teacher, philosopher, and specialist in the Innermost Taoism, wrote a treatise entitled "On Mediality and Harmony" in the 13th century. In the chapter 'The Essence of the Secret Gate' he writes: "People who practice meditation, as soon as they close their eyes, see illusory demonic worlds. When a man gets into this demonic world, he becomes one with these Yin demons. But if a strong and determined man sees with his eyes closed the same that he sees with his eyes open, then all the variety of the illusory worlds can not taint his perception and he receives the liberation unimpeded."


The ability to see something is not an objective vision. This usually has to do with the illusory worlds. The objectivity of vision has to be developed through years, for that there are special techniques.


The vision without eyes is related to the embryonic vision, the vision on the cellular level, when the body has not yet experienced the division of the senses into the eyesight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.


This method employs the ways of embryonic vision development by engaging the ancient structures in the brain.


You will discover

the following phenomena:


  • The dependence of the vision on the quality and type of human body energy.

  • The essential embryonic vision, its nature belongs to the time when the senses have not been divided and work as a united mechanism.

  • The development of the one essential embryonic vision on the cellular level of the whole human body by radar principle.

  • Three directions of the outer vision development.

  • The Psychobiocomputer as a program of the outer vision development.

  • 9 ways of the alternative vision.

  • The activation of new programs aimed at the environment perception (high speed view of events; usage of filters to scan spaces; installing programs of other personalities for a new reality perception).

  • Developing the ability to move the human individuality into the 1st, 2nd and 3rd assembling points, and their scope for the individual.

  • Artificial fine-material equipment, organs and bodies of the human being.

You will master techniques

to develop the following abilities:


  • To bring outside a new quality that opens the vision ability and being able to shut it down.

  • The knowledge of safety measures for yourself and people around you when working with the outer vision.

  • To see material objects and space in an accurate and objective way.

  • To see fine-material objects: energy, biofield, aura, energy flows, rays, etc.

  • To manage, change and create certain qualities of the fine-material objects, energy flows, rays, etc conscientiously.

  • To differentiate images of the heterogeneous space, slide by slide, partially, selectively.

  • To tune the Psychobiocomputer: objectification technique, focusing ability of the Psychobiocomputer.

  • To perceive the environment volumetrically, from different points of consideration by using active supervision centers.

  • To be able to "penetrate" into another person, unite and synchronize the systems for joint safety  measures based on the principle of "The Knight and the Mother-Guardian".

This will help you:


  • To evolve from the Homo Sapiens who lives empirically to the Homo Cognitus who is able to construct his life based on knowledge of future events results.

  • To perceive not only material but also fine-material world around you in a new way.

  • To understand your predestination, your Path, see the Light on the Path for the conscious progress in your lifeline.

  • To see and create compatibility of personalities, mutual relations, enhance the family bonds and lineal roots.

  • To achieve new levels of the personal and collective safety by enhancing the impact of social, natural and cosmic forces.

  • Potentially to use the informational canals of the Noosphere, the Geosphere and of the other Human Internet structures based on the Savanta effect.

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