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What Our Students Say

“On returning home after the lessons, I felt that my conscience had spread beyond what I perceived.

I started yoga, and my evolution in poses seems easier. My intuition is also developing.

I feel the energy growing and it's magic.

I was happy to discover that I was much more than what we actually believe”.


Ondine, 31 y.o.

“I practice the exercises on a daily basis. They make me feel more present and alive during the day. Instructors were most helpful and really knew what they were doing/teaching”.

Jose, 38 y.o.

"My purpose of studying was my spiritual development and also the possibility to help others. Among the exercises, I feel greatest effect when receiving the head prokachka – it almost induces the astral projection while I am of course completely awake. I would like to take all other Bronnikov courses in the future".


Miodrag, 62 y.o.

"Iryna is a wonderful teacher, very patient and kind, never tiered to answer any question. She has a vast knowledge of the Bronnikov Method in practical as of theoretical way. We had a lot of fun together, her way of teaching the method is integral and light at the same time. She always made us feel at ease and went into our needs".


“I liked mostly of the exercises and some of it I practice in the daily life. I would like to complete second level in the order to develop intuition more deeply.”


Judith, 37 y.o.

“All techniques were very interesting, I can underline as the most liked the dragon, the helmet and the splash. I look forward to the new classes, new stimulus within this method.”

Roberto, 59 y.o.

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