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Reviews of Scientists and Celebrities

Drunvalo Melchizedek


Author of five books including The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes I & II, Living in the Heart, Serpent of Light and his newest one, The Mayan Ouroboros. 

He is a consultant for the international Internet magazine, Spirit of Maat,  with over 1 million viewers each year.

He is the founder of the Flower of Life Facilitators that have been teaching his work in over 60 countries.

"One of the Russian reporters and writers of the spiritual webzine The Spirit of Ma'at, Kostya Kovalenko, had read one of my articles about the superpsychic children and the inner screen, and he told me that there was a psychic school near Moscow where children are taught to see the inner screen and then to take it even further. The school was making some very powerful claims that, if true, would ultimately change the world forever.


Not only could these children see the inner screen and see without using their eyes, they could even simply hold a book for a few minutes and the entire book would show up on their inner screen. Once there, the children could scroll through the pages like on a computer and read and see all the text and photographs that are in the original book. Further, the children would immediately know the contents of the entire book.


The man who started and runs this school, which is called the International Academy of Human Development, is Viacheslav Bronnikov. The fame and achievements of the school had evidently reached Washington D.C., as Hillary Clinton, during her husband's administration, traveled to Moscow to observe the school firsthand. Did she learn anything? Perhaps that's how she became Senator of New York!


Over the next few months, Kostya told me of two more schools in Russia that were teaching a similar psychic idea but using different teaching methods. It was then that I began to realize that I was on to something that was much bigger than I had originally thought".


Chapter 2 – Seeing in the darkness

Vadim Zeland
Vadim Zeland


Is a contemporary Russian mystic and writer. Reality transurfing - an esoteric doctrine being published by Vadim Zeland since 2004. It suggests an idea of multivariant reality where events happen in an infinite number of spaces at the same time.


“In my opinion, Bronnikov School exceeds all other similar schools putted together, judging by the extent of its effectiveness and proximity to the new realities. Students of Bronnikov in a few months learning to master what monks in Tibetan monasteries cannot achieved within a few years of hard training. I myself have learned so far only the first stage of this school, but the results have surprised me. When I do an energy massage – one of the exercises of Bronnikov, I do not need to touch the body with my hands. The energy felt like a very dense substance, and controlled. After a few weeks of classes my energy body was also significantly material as well as physically. This is the case when you can really touch it what used to be only in the imagination, or on the photographs of the aura. And that's just the beginning".

Apocryphal Transurfing

Chapter – The Energy of intention

Hitomi Akamatsu


Doctor of Philosophy and Psychology, Psychotherapist at Monash University (Australia), part of the TOP 1000 the greatest women of the 21st century, President of the «Energy Healing Asia International».

"In my academic career as a psychotherapist and cognitive scientist, I created an extensive experience in the research of numerous psychotherapeutic methods, educational programs and alternative medical practices in many countries of the world (eg Australia, America and Japan). Most methods require long-term data analysis and additional research in order to understand the effectiveness of each method. Data usually contains incompatible and individual differences. Nevertheless, I succeeded in discovering the Bronnikov method, as the most effective and fastest in research and development. It turns out, that in the Bronnikov method laid very effective ways of developing the human abilities and techniques for rapid general development.

From my point of view, in the future Bronnikov method will be widely spread throughout the world. The method can become a "quantum leap" in the development of our science and technology, the system of education, society, etc.

Our studies showed that the EEG of a person who studied Bronnikov's method for three months and having developed an alternative vision, is better than with the people who have spent more than a decade in meditation”.

Hitomi Akamatsu
Natalia P. Bekhtereva


The academician of the Russian Academy of Science and Russian Academy of Medical Science, the Winner of the State premium of the USSR, a foreign member of the Austrian, Finnish academy of sciences, the American academy of medicine and psychiatry, the International Academy of sciences of ecology, safety of the person and the nature, the honorary member of some the international societies. From1970 to 1990 was director of Institute of experimental medicine АМН the USSR, from 1990 - the supervisor of studies of Institute of a brain of the person of the Russian Academy of Science. She has scientific awards for the high contribution to development of neurophysiology and neurosciences.
“Bekhtereva’s” name is appropriated to minor planet N6074 of Solar system. The author about 350 scientific works in the field of physiology of a brain of the person. The school of Behtereva is world-wide recognized.

I testify that the people, trained to vision without use of eyes, are really capable to read texts, earlier to them not known, and to carry out a lot of other actions usually demanding sight. Results have shown that presence of any special properties is not required from the trained person.

First of all, I have seen presence of system of training, where all time leads to use as much opportunities of an organism as possible.
Formation of new vision is quite possible at blind. Researches emphasize it physiology for a brain of the person.

Bronnikov’s students have received and now show the super opportunities which are got as a result of systematic long training, cautiously opening an opportunity of alternative (direct) vision.
Quantitative accumulation of data about opportunities and interdictions of a brain is now on the verge of transition in quality-receptions of an opportunity of purposeful formation of the person conscious. However, transition from knowledge of laws of the nature to reasonable using them is not always fast, not always easy and always is thorny. ”
(From the report of Bekhtereva at the International conference ” Results of a millennium, St.-Petersburg, The Taurian palace, December 2000.)

Konstantin Korotkov


Deputy Director of Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture.  Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.

Professor of Research in Saint Petersburg Academy of Physical Culture.

President of the International Union for Medical and Applied Bioelectrography.

Consultant for Aveda Co (USA). Member of the Editorial Board: «Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine», “Journal of Science of Healing Outcomes”.

"Due to achieved results in the field of education and objectivization of the direct vision phenomenon we have come to the conclusion on feasibility of the specialized educational and scientific center organizing. The main task should be: as a continuation of the study of the phenomenon itself, and the development of specialized scientific methods, as well as the training of trainers-instructors for the implementation of the programs "World without blindness." The creation of this program is planned to begin by the end of next year. And, I hope that all leading organizations, scientists, specialists will take part in it.

Studies were conducted at the Human Brain Institute under the leadership of Natalya Bekhtereva. She is an authority, a person that doesn't get involved in some adventure easily.

Trusting what she did, we were interested in trying something ourselves. Based on the very interesting results obtained in the Brain Institute, we conducted a number of checks and tests. And, really, we were convinced that the guys who passed the 3 levels of the Bronnikov method can read the texts, recognize the objects in the light-proof blindfold. Proceeding from this, it was decided to participate in this program and see: what else can be revealed by existing methods today."

Victor I. Pashkevich


The adviser-oncologist of the medical-diagnostic center of the Ministry of Defense, the professor, the doctor of the medical sciences, the deserved doctor of the Russian Federation.


«I am a surgeon: when I cut - I have seen; when I cut off - I have won. At heart I’m the materialist and, we tell so, the skeptic. We were learned: the matter - is primary, something spiritual is not present.
The expert on a computer tomography of our 9-th medical-diagnostic center of the Ministry of Defence Valery Motorin, the doctor of medical sciences, confirms: the trained children see the same as also the equipment. For example, prolapsus of an intervertebral disk. He speaks: «I see on a usual computer that they see without devices on their biocomputer. It is nonsense! Moreover, they see condensation, for example, at emphysema, a pneumosclerosis and so on in a continuous fabric. And the computer tomograph does not see – his resolution is badder. Though other medical researches confirm the diagnosis which is put by children “.

Having estimated a method of Bronnikov, I see greater prospect. First, it is of great importance for preventive medicine. Children trained on a method of Bronnikov, I consider as the future doctors. Secondly, they will be also able to influence on the development of objectionable processes at this level – it is an ideal way of the prevention of oncological, professional and other diseases.
On my point of view, surgery, undoubtedly, remains in the future. But diseases of functional character: psychosomantical, functional, neurosises, allergic and so on, will sharply decrease owing to the experts trained on a method of Bronnikov. The method of Bronnikov in my opinion should be taught as one of the basic subjects in all medical schools, institutes, academies including for change of outlook. It becomes necessity to open the medical college.

Yuri P. Pytiev


The professor, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences of the Moscow State University, managing faculty of computer methods of physics, investigates a phenomenon of vision blindly.

«Our researches have established that for vision blindly which is shown by students of Bronnikov’s Center it is not required to them of presence of specially created magnetic field.
The method of academician Vyacheslav Bronnikov is a phenomenon! It is a call to the physicist!
The physics can make new opening; investigating the person. There is a wave process here. The length of a wave is measured, but its nature is not known yet. The science can explain anything you like, the whole world, but we cannot explain this phenomenon. When I worked with children from group of Bronnikov, there was such impression that they saw through, being in dark masks. Actually it is not so. They saw all around by holographic sight. I testified a lot of interesting things. Children saw through a steel door…»

Pavel N. Popov


Head of Eye Diseases Department in Medicine Academy (Tver, Russian Federation).

"It’s the approbation of Bronnikov’s method that has been lead in clinic of eye illnesses in Tver on the basis of Regional clinical hospital in 1995-1996. Process of training on a method has appeared very effective. Visual acuity has raised at all visually impaired children from 20 % up to 50 %, and at a part of children - up to norm. Deaf persons have had a hearing; alternative and radar vision of subjects was generated at blind with diabetes, the level of sugar in blood and urine was normalized (at significant reduction of a doze of insulin), intraocular pressure has decreased.
We are engaged practical studying of a technique of academician Vyacheslav Bronnikov the fourth year. The system of exercises developed by him is of interest for us because it allows to train in alternative vision not only capable of seeing people, but also blind ones. Opening of alternative vision does our patients high-grade persons and changes their psychology. To treat such patients, using a method of Bronnikov is pleasure".

Vladimir A. Zernov


Rector of Russian New University; President of Union of Commercial Non-State Institutes Directors of Russian Federation.

For many people there is no more important theme then Education. The stable development can not be performed without education.

Index of humanities development is the estimation of state care about young generation. Educational nation potential is the totality of nation knowledge. Today there are two countries – USA and Russia – who can be leaders in this subject. But because of bad economical situation in Russia also educational situation is getting worse and worse.

The only way to help us is the transition to commercial training of experts for whole world using new technologies suggested by Vyacheslav Bronnikov. The question is can our education compete with Western one or not.

At present, according to medical data 70% of our schoolchildren are ill. If we don’t find any alternative mode for health improving further education development becomes almost impossible..

New knowledge and methods for education and treatment proposed by Bronnikov Academy are difficult for consciousness perceive. I could not get this way until I came across to this phenomenon and saw that this is a real help in everything and new capabilities necessary to everyone.

I am sure that Bronnikov method is the complex mode to positively change present situation. It allows us to raise Index of humanities development, to improve student health, to open new prospects for work with great informational data, and to exit crisis situation in Russian education system.

Sergey A. Kleimenov


President of Innovation Management Academy; professor; Ph.D. in Technical Sciences; Honorary scientist of Russian Federation

Impressions and opinions about Bronnikov method and its application can be divided on three big parts: the method itself, technology of its application, philosophy and ideology..

Philosophy, ideology and method itself form so-called integral sight on World: A man appears as a part of Cosmos and active subject of space, but not as an object of external power influence.

That is the reason why discipline “Modern conceptions of natural sciences” should be created with taking into account ideological generalizations of V.M. Bronnikov. Then it could be possible to approach discipline program already on the 1st course of high education and in the program of specialized secondary education.

Technology of method application can be determined as “Psycho-technics in management” where management is the control of any object including man organism. This course can be given together with any specialization and can replace a part of physical training because the effectiveness of Bronnikov method is considerably higher then traditional modes for spiritual and physical self-development.

The teaching of the 1st course students using virtual psychology and Bio-Computer will allow us to improve student education, their memory qualities, and their ability to generalize information. However, the problem consists of teachers training and special student programs elaboration.

New possibilities are opened for professions in the fields of radio-electronics, management, economy, telecommunications, ecology and control of environment quality, and, of course, medical and social professions.

The educational center “Psycho-technics of management self-regulation” has been organized in Innovation Management Academy (under the treaty with International Academy of Human Development) for teaching of students and teachers to Bronnikov method, for elaboration of new educational manuals, and for spreading of method and its philosophy in different educational organizations.Our researches have established that for vision blindly which is shown by students of Bronnikov’s Center it is not required to them of presence of specially created magnetic field.
The method of academician Vyacheslav Bronnikov is a phenomenon! It is a call to the physicist!
The physics can make new opening; investigating the person. There is a wave process here. The length of a wave is measured, but its nature is not known yet. The science can explain anything you like, the whole world, but we cannot explain this phenomenon. When I worked with children from group of Bronnikov, there was such impression that they saw through, being in dark masks. Actually it is not so. They saw all around by holographic sight. I testified a lot of interesting things. Children saw through a steel door…»

Victor A. Votinov


Ph.D. in Philosophy; Ph.D. in Pedagogy; professor; member of International Pedagogy Academy; Academician of MAI; head of Department of MGLU.


Report about Interregional Conference:

«Brake through social technologies in human wealth formation» 15th-24th, July, 2003, Feodosiya.


Interregional conference with proud name “Brake through social technologies in XXI century” is finished. Without overstatement this is the event of global meaning. At the same time it is the exam that has been brilliantly passed by Bronnikov team.

«Method of Informational Human Development» of V.M. Bronnikov has demonstrated absolutely fantastic capabilities of man and modes to disclose them.

«There is no worse enemy, then man in relation to himself” – this truth is known from ancient times. Bronnikov method gives a possibility to man to cognize himself and self-defend from him, and to become much stronger and more humane. Classic choice when a person stays on the cross of three ways is solving by Conscious Man who sees far advance for his profit without detriment for others.

The sharpest problem of modern humanity – education system – gets wonderful, most effective and humane tool for new man creation – Conscious Man. This is the greatest welfare for him and for all society.

Dear Vyacheslav! My complements and thanks to you for possibility to participate in this magical celebration of Mind, of Galactic Ideas, of highest Talents levels, of tomorrow Science, and of endless kindness to sin humanity. 

Tokmokhamed S. Sadykov


Professor of Pedagogy; Rector of Alma-Ata State University of Kazakhstan; Corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences; Academician of MAS

Bronnikov method “Harmonization and development of human organs and systems functions” has been investigated in Alma-Ata State University on psycho-pedagogy faculty under the leading of academician Nazambaeva Zh.I. Method is directed on development of internal potential of children and adults, and helps to improve a general psycho-physical state of organism, positively influence on cerebrum development: Attention, memory, inspiration, space orientation, general activity, purposefulness, self-control.

It is necessary to apply in pedagogy practice methods of psychology man adaptation in informational space of XXI century against a general background of decreasing children ability to learn (initiated by economical, social and ecological reasons). University supports an activity of International Academy of Human Development, and promotes an application of Bronnikov method into pedagogy system of Kazakhstan republic.

(From statement of T.S. Sadykov to Director of Education Department of Alma-Ata T.U. Karymsakov, 21st of July, 2000)

Yuri A. Fomin


Academician of RNAS; physicist; writer. Leading expert of association “Ecology of Unknown”. Laureate of Vladimir Vernadsky Prize

Children taught according to Bronnikov system will carry the future, 20-30 years later. Their capabilities coincide with predicted qualities of Super Man.

Many name fantastic what Bronnikov is doing in his Academy: He teaches children to self-diagnosis, to self-rehabilitation, to rehabilitation of other people at complex diseases, and to volumetric perception of information. Bronnikov creates new conceptions of education system where a child should be a seeker of knowledge, and a teacher should be a producer, an analytic and a politician in this process.

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