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LEVEL 1.1. "The Ecology of the Spirit"



The grounds of the Method are founded on the ancient Dragon system.


In the human being there are the Living Force, the Dead Force and the Holy Force. Each of them performs its own crucial part in human life. The true spirituality in "The Ecology of the Spirit' is acquired when the person is aware of all these three Divine Forces and uses them consciously.


Level 1.1. teaches the technique of the Living Force.


In the ancient times there was a saying: "Mother Earth, give me the Force.".

In Russian epics there are the descriptions of these as well as of the other forces.


The Informational Human Development course in the Bronnikov method offers you ways to understand and master there forces.


Level 1.1, The Ecology of the Spirit, provides you with the basic technique based on the autogenic training, which is the basis for martial arts.

Our approach is ‘A step of theory is followed by  a step of practice’. 

You will discover

the following phenomena:


  • Superconsciousness and its resources.

  • Phantom feelings as the grounds of secret technologies.

  • Material Space, Immaterial Space, intermediate Bardo Space and their interactive abilities.

  • Vital forces, their core source, varieties and practical capabilities.

  • The principle of 'complementarity', which reveals new qualities of the human.

  • Vampirism, its varieties and techniques of self-defense.

  • The divine capabilities of the human.

  • The principle of 'Knight and Mother-Guardian'.

  • The Human Internet.

You will master techniques

to develop the following abilities:


  • To sense your own energy and to move it conscientiously within your body.

  • To transfer the flow of your own energy to the partner at the distance of 5-7 meters and more.

  • To penetrate into another person with your energy by enhancing fine spiritual bonds and helping the essences of the partner's body to awaken.

  • To sense phantom feelings, gravity, anti-gravity, to master these qualities in yourselves.

  • To recover your living forces swiftly.

  • To create an energy splash. This is necessary to activate protective functions instantly. The energy splash is an initial stage to form the Holy Spirit Impulse in Christianity.

  • To acquire basic skills of mastering energies of listening, attraction and retention.

  • To activate and restore the energy of the eyes and the brain that is necessary to maintain eyesight, especially when working with a computer.

  • To work with energies at a distance due to the mediator principle through objects and schemes.

This will help you:


  • To develop the skills of natural healing.

  • To have a new tool in your life – phantom feelings.

  • To perceive the world around you in a new way.

  • To have new protective qualities to counteract the adverse impacts of people, equipment, and aggressive energy and information environment.

  • To restore your living forces.

  • To preserve the Ecology of the Spirit in the family, professional sphere and life.

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