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LEVEL 2.1. "The Inner Vision"



The core of the inner vision is a psychological process of the REM sleep in the awake state that is managed by consciousness. The person is able to turn the brain combinatorics on and off conscientiously: see images, create educational classes and visualize other processes.


The offered 'Inner Vision' technique was wide-spread in ancient times and was an obligatory skill for a monk.


In the social environment there is always a certain number of people possessing these qualities from the very birth. It is important and necessary to know the safety measures while working with the inner vision to avoid any health problems but to reveal a huge human living potential.


Our approach is ‘A step of theory is followed by a step of practice’. 

You will discover

the following phenomena:


  • Three types of neurons that are responsible for memory, energy and spatial orientation.

  • The basis of the personality: the energy, the vision, the essences.

  • The principle of the consciousness, its grounds in holodynes as the units of consciousness.

  • The principle of the control point of consciousness and its 10 varieties in creating a personality.

  • The signal system principle, 9 types of it.

  • The fine-material structure of human and objects that accompany it.

  • Three assembling points of humans. The wax body.

  • Volumetric vision into six directions at the same time.

  • Three directions of the inner vision development.

You will master techniques

to develop the following abilities:


  • To turn the inner vision on and off conscientiously without any assistance.

  • To change colors in the inner vision on mental order conscientiously and without assistance.

  • To create 2- and 3-dimensional objects and manipulate them conscientiously and without assistance.

  • To create different kinds of landscapes on mental order conscientiously and without assistance: sea, breeze, clouds, etc. Sense the objects, the water, feel the wind, the rain, the smell, the taste, etc. in the inner space.

  • To feel as an insect, a bird, a fish, a dolphin, a monkey, a tiger, a snake, etc. To acquire new qualities of sensation, the vision, the sense of smell, the sense of taste, and so on. To activate the ancient structures in the brain, and the ancient memory.

  • To see yourself and your own body from the inside. To travel in the cellular and organism levels: to see your own spine, inner organs, to drift in the blood system, etc.

  • To see yourself and your own body from the inside in fine-material structures: meridians (energy canals), the essences of the organs and systems, the inner Light, fine bonds between the organs, etc.

  • To create different kinds of tools inside of your own body and to add new constructive abilities.

  • To record a great amount of numbers to develop a new type of memory when you do not have to memorize anything – it's simply enough to see.

  • To move into the first assembling point to create a wax body.

  • To see in 3D mode (six directions simultaneously) from the position of the first assembling point.

This will help you:


  • To discover a new amazing world, the multidimensionality of spaces inside of you. "Get to know yourself and you will know the entire world."

  • These new abilities are the "inoculation" against madness. You will know what this vision is and how to manage it.

  • A lot of people seek for these abilities and resources through all their lives without understanding that everything is inside ourselves.

  • You will discover a huge potential of abilities inside yourselves not only in respect to different kinds of vision and memory but also by achieving the effect of presence of the individuality, where you can exist separately from your body.

  • The ability to perform prophylaxis, correction and healing of your body from the inside to help your own body. For that you will also require basic medical knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

  • To develop your consciousness in a harmonious and topographic way in order to take a broad view on the existing reality to project future events of your life.

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