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Iryna Graveland Riabkova, bronnikov, specialist, brain capacities, neurovision, creativity

Iryna Graveland-Riabkova

Birth date: 31 – 10 – 1986 

Birth place: Feodosiya, Crimea, Russia


  • Vernadsky Tavria National University in Simferopol, Russia. Faculty: Psychology.

  • World Noosphere University of the Cosmic Researches "WNUCR":

- Specialization: "Energy-informational diagnostics and expertise."

  • Courses "Diagnostics in psychology," Leiden University (LOI), the Netherlands.

  • The International Academy of Human Development, Moscow



  • CEO of International Coordination Bronnikov Center Rotterdam

  • Head of the Department of the "Neurovision", Faculty: “Noosphere Psychology” of the World Noosphere University of the Cosmic Researches.

  • The trainer of the Bronnikov-Fekleron System “Holographic interface of the human brain”, The Bronnikov Method "Informational Human Development", levels: 1, 2, 3, 1.2, 1.3

  • Specialist in the Psychobiocomputer technologies and the technologies of the Holographic Interface of Human Brain.

  • Specialist in Energy-informational diagnose and expertise

    • Representative of the Author of the System – Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov  

  • Member of the project "Noosphere Europe"

    • Representative of the Bronnikov Corporation “Noosphere World” 



Since 2001 began to study the Bronnikov-Fekleron System and the Bronnikov Method "Informational Human Development".

Since 2006 she is a certified instructor and an expert diagnostician of 1st category.

Consults and provides an energy-informational diagnostics in areas: business support, medicine of life, design of the family relations, geography of the subtle world, the situation diagnostics, diagnostics of the life destiny and other.

Conducted more than 100 sophisticated diagnostics of the situations, both local and global.

Successfully completed and uses 4th level "Human Internet" of the Bronnikov Method.

Since 2008, provides the club session, presentations and other activities of the method "Informational Human Development" in Rotterdam.

Since 2011 is the CEO of the International Coordination Bronnikov Center Rotterdam. Provides the trainings of the levels: 1, 1.2, 1.3, 2, and 3. Gives lectures in the Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Russia, USA, France, Germany.

Successfully applied the method in various sectors of life: business, family relationships, personal situations.

Weekly conducts presentations, trainings, meetings, consultations and lectures. Annually passes authors events - basic and special courses, trainings for the specialists of the levels: 1, 2, 3, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, lectures.



• Author of the video courses "Development of a highly sensitive human perception."

• The author of publications on the topics of “Application of the phantom feelings in everyday life”.



Masters the Psychobiocomputer technologies of the lepton level.

Is a certified expert diagnostician 1st category of the Broonikov method.

Is fluent in four languages: Russian, English, Dutch, Ukrainian.



Develops on the basis of innovative technologies of Vyacheslav Bronnikov development programs:

- "The applying of the Bronnikov method level 1 in everyday life"

- "Distant work with the bioenergy"

- "Rehabilitation of the deaf and people with the hearing problems "

- "Regeneration of the teeth"

- Development Programs of the memory, attention, creative abilities of the children.


Participate in the programs:

- World of vision and sight

- “Noosphere Europe”.

- “Geography of the subtle world”.

- “The Mystery of the magic potion”.

- “Esoteric Feodosiya”.



- Diploma of the Expert diagnostician 1st category of the Bronnikov Method.

- Diploma of the World Noosphere University of Cosmic Researches "WNUCR".

- License of the Management company to the General Director of the International Coordination Bronnikov Center Rotterdam.

- Licenses of the Specialist in Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 1.2, Level 1.3.



One of the first students who passed the exam for admission to the Bronnikov`s 4th level.

Passed many closed courses, empowerments and initiations in Feodosiya at the place of the Dragon force.

Esoteric diagnostician of the energy-information systems.

Has a dedication of the Mother Death.

Masters the Depth Vision.


International speaker of the Neurovision, Geography of the subtle world, Energy-informational diagnostics.

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