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From the birth around a person exists a volume of information. This volume consists out of six holographic displays or objects that are accompanying the person. Predestination in life diagnoses help to identify these 6 objects, reveal their dynamics and how these 6 objects can be used for awareness and implementation of the person’s direction.


The state of a person’s relationship towards these objects influences his life. They can give a person a variety of information and guide him The person should be a superconductor of those forces. The path of knowledge of their destination consists of stages of awareness.

The Sacred places

Place of Power is a point of intersection of spaces, which serves as a transit point for spaces; it is a tool for adjustment of certain processes and for organizing certain powers around a person. Places of Power endow people with certain qualities for certain tasks.

When being in the Holy Sites, people are influenced by them, while being in the Places of Power, you need to ask first before receiving anything.

With the help of Places of Power, one can predict or create future disasters for creating positive effects in the future. The military and secret services are seriously engaged on research of Sacred Places and processes within them.

Crimea - island of Gods

One of the Crimean legends says: when the civilization of Atlantes, having exhausted itself and having finished its astrological cycle, came to an end, its leading magicians hid three sacred warders – the "God's Powers" – in the Crimea.

Two – in Dolina Privideniy (the Valley of Ghosts), near Alushta, and the third one – in Feodosia.

The Atlantes entrusted magicians of three nations – the Scythians, the Taurians and the Cimmerians – to guard those secrets. Also, they were instructed to bring them to four corners of the Earth: the western Scythians passed their knowledge to the Franks, the Franks – to the Templars, the Templars – to Masons and so on. 

Thus, one brunch went westward, the second one – northward, to Scandinavian countries, the third wave moved southward and the fourth one – eastward to India. They spread the grains of knowledge about the "external alchemy" to continue the world transformation. Now, this knowledge is returning to the Crimea.


In terms of the process of subtle energies, "the Place of the Dragon's Power" can be compared to a living mechanism consisting of subtle-energy appliances, energy-informational objects and substances. It is a powerful organism fulfilling its unique mission.


This is where professional warriors and magicians, guarding their secret knowledge from strangers, have always been trained. These people have always been endowed with extraordinary abilities and talents unobtainable for mere mortals.


According to an old legend, "the Place of the Dragon's Power" is a "Place of Consecrations and Initiations".  During summer festivities, different rituals of "Consecration and Initiation" are held here. People from all over the world who feel responsibility for global changes taking place, come to attend them, gain access to radically new system-holistic model of perception of the world, launch new global processes and changes using psycho-bio-computer technologies and technologies of the "human internet".

The Kara Dag

The Kara Dag is not just the only extinct volcano on the territory of the former USSR; the Gate of Gehenna (Hades, underworld) is considered to be inside the Kara Dag. The Kara Dag is a descending stream while "the Place of the Dragon's Power" is an ascending stream of the Holy Spirit Impulse.


These streams are guarded by two powerful Dragons - one of them inhabits in the Kara Dag Mountain, another one lives in the fortress wall - "wall of knowledge" which serves as a fence of "the Place of the Dragon's Power" in Feodosiya.

Author of the Bronnikov-Fekleron System "Holographic Informational Human Development"

Academician of the International Academy of Informatization,

Academician of the Science Academy

of social technologies and local

government, Ph.D., Professor.


Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Bronnikov is a native dweller of Feodosiya, patriot and the Guardian of the Ancient City. Endowed since birth with a gift of soothsaying, he foretold when he was a child that there would come a time when Feodosiya would thrive and become one of the most attractive places on the planet.

Vyacheslav personally wants to create on the territory of Old Feodosiya a workshop for making mystic regalia and the world's first museum complex of esoteric knowledge - "God's Three Warders" where mysteries of the Solar System Outer Space, nature, human, religions, industrial systems, the world of subtle energies, the methods of human development will be disclosed. Unlike ordinary museums, these ones will not only display things but also teach and develop people. At the same time, these museums will be a place of leisure as well as a combined education center for children and adults.

Upcoming Author Events

August 12-18, 2018

Feodosiya, Crimea | Russia

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