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Mark Graveland

Birth date: 17 – 08 – 1983 

Birth place: Krimpen aan den IJssel, The Netherlands



  • Manager course executives

  • International Academy for Human development, Moscow

  • Noosphere World University of Cosmic research

  • Comenius college, specialization: metal technic

  • ROC Zadkine – Soma College,  specialization: operator earthmoving equipmen





  • Trainer, instructor Bronnikov method "Informational Human Development"

  • Specialist level 1, level 2, level 3, level 1.2, 1,3

  • Specialist Noosphere Infra technics

  • Specialist various metal technics

  • Specialist Noosphere architecture

  • Specialist Noosphere Foundation development

  • Specialist Life organization

  • Specialist Future planning 




  • General Manager of the International Coordination Center Rotterdam

  • General Manager of Noosphere Europe

  • Representative of the author, V.M. Bronnikov

  • Representative of the Bronnikov Company

  • Representative of the World Noosphere University of Cosmic Research (WNUCR)

  • Co founder the International movement for New Education

  • Trained groups in The Netherlands, Belgium,  Switzerland, USA, Italy, France,  Brazil, Russia.




Participant of the programs:

  • Project Noosphere Europe

  • Project The World of Sight and Vision

  • Project New Education

  • Noosphere architecture

  • Worldwide program from Dyslexia to Genius

  • Worldwide local government program for unemployed

  • Worldwide municipal program for safety and protection

  • Worldwide foreign language and communication program

  • Program Noosphere infra technical development





Diploma of the World Noosphere University of Cosmic Researches "WNUCR".

- License of the Management company to the General Manager of the International Coordination Bronnikov Center Rotterdam.

- Licenses of the Specialist in Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 1.2, Level 1.3.





One of the 12-apostle system at the Power place Netherlands.

Has a dedication of the Mother Death.



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