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CREATIVITY - creative abilities of a person, shown for large and global purposes.


CREATIVITY (Noospheric psychology) is an ability of innate attraction to self-adaptability, adapted in an aggressive energy informative environment of global transformations in the communication systems. The ability of a human mind to see in a systemic-holistic manner, the ability to abstract oneself for understanding and management of the subconscious, conscious and super-conscious functions of its organism and mastering the technology of the common sense, for understanding the future events problems and their solutions.


CREATIVITY (Economics) – the ability of a person to form himself as an intellectual, human and creative capital.


The intellectual capital is based on the passport of a citizen and the individual quality assess.


The human capital is based on the social realization and evaluation of professional competencies of participation in system technologies.


The creative capital is based on the inclusion into the global economy register as a country assets.

Vyacheslav Bronnikov

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