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Antigravity muscles


SPIRITUALITY - is the level of responsibility in the realization of the cosmic laws displayed in our lives. A deep knowledge of the true essence of life. Spirituality is the awareness of ideas and their practical implementation. It is a process that transforms the root of the worlds society problems through the development of various forms of human consciousness. It's the awareness of everything. The awareness of one’s mission and role in life.


If a person knows too little about its primordial, about the beginning – it is unspiritual. If he doesn't  know about ones mission, ones purpose in life, about the future - it is unspiritual.

The more a person knows about the beginning, about the certain life phenomena - the more he is responsible. And the more aware he is about the end of these phenomena, again - he is more responsible! Anyone who doesn't know how the day of tomorrow will end is unspiritual. Therefore, the task of the scientific direction CosmoPsychoBiology is expanding the scope of understanding the beginning and end of the Divine process.


During childhood in a person is dominating the sense of unity. And with age increasingly dominated the sense of individuality. We should be able to find a golden balance between the two. It is very difficult but very important to find the center of balance within yourself.

As the Taoist wisdom says: this way a person gains a certain quality of consciousness. He gets the smooth surface on its lake. The lake, on which is reflected our entire reality.

The knowledge of his inner world, its hidden abilities and how to master them. The basics of success in business in the outer world. "Know yourself - and you will know the whole world" (Apocrypha of the Early Christians).

Vyacheslav Bronnikov

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