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SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS, Superconscience (SC) is a special structure of consciousness, which is a property of combining levels of a body organization (subconscience, SbC), as well as uniting a person with his environment of Material (Tangible), Nonmaterial (Intangible) and "Bardo" an intermediate space.


Superconsciousness is the most amorphous structure of consciousness with the properties of flow in space and time.


Superconsciousness is directly related to senses and their qualities development level.


Superconsciousness – the function refers to the unconscious processes and depends on the individuality. In the highly developed people this function is realized and acts as superconscience, as an additional operational tool, enabling to find out the qualities of protective and adapted functions in the process of survival and competitiveness.


Function of Superconsciousness is a limited volume of space and energy, which is a different kind of a field background

- morphology

- information

- energy (plasma)



SC is a system of subtle bodies, collective substance consisting of associations of subtle organs entities and body systems. SC has its time of life, birth, maturation and transition for a new quality.


SC is functionally located in the space of unconscious mental processes. With the development, maturity and self-awareness of personality, SC function is constructively manifested in human life as a variety of skills, talent and gift or destructively as disorders, fears and pathologies: chronic fatigue syndrome, physical illness, mental illness, including schizophrenia, abnormalities of the physical body, cancer diseases.


SC has its anatomy, physiology and homeostatic. The physiological mechanism of SC is attributed to the right hemisphere dominant, but it is incomplete and limited. SC is fully associated with the whole body (physical body) of a person on the subtle matter, its field structure and goes far beyond space and time. Tsiolkovsky spoke of "the radiant humanity", meaning discovery, development and utilization of a human SC.


SC is directly associated with the process of sleeping, dreaming, and it is emotionally imaginative activity, showing its properties in a multidimensional space, being the basis of the signaling systems.


SC expresses itself in a human body in the form of phantom feelings through different forms of memory, fantasy and imagination.

Vyacheslav Bronnikov

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