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"My point is that, first of all, life is the awareness of own presence in space and in time.


For example, I am aware of my presence in a dense and subtle body in the material space, in a dense body in the mineral level, cellular, organismal, intellectual, social, in subtle bodies (astral, budhistic, etc.) - of course, not at so high level, which is necessary for their conscious management, but at the same time, to some extent, can control and influence.


I realize myself better in the Nonmaterial space, there is a project of dense bodies and subtle bodies, but even better I realize myself in the Bardo space - an intermediate space.Life, in the fullest sense of the word, is the ability to express its mission in these three spaces.The less a person realizes his presence in these three spaces, the more vain the quality of his life is.That is why, the spiritual development is required in realization of this real spiritual life".


Vyacheslav Bronnikov

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