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The 20th and the 21st centuries have fundamentally changed the entire human life due to scientific and technical development. For the first time in its history, humankind found itself in the informational ocean. From the viewpoint of astrophysicists, the Earth is evolving into a radio star — earthshine is thought to be brighter than solar radiation in radio-frequency range.

Electromagnetic development of our planet leads to a dead-end process, turning it into a high-frequency electric oven.

Simultaneously, genetics, which creates genetically modified foods and organisms; nanotechnologies, which create engineering constructions at the nanolevel; plasma technologies, chronal and other technologies, storm into the life of our planet.

The majority of developments are classified and secret, and people do not know about them.

One of the greatest challenges of our times is that unless the possibilities of scientific and technical development are disclosed and explained to people in the nearest future, unless people receive the knowledge of modern reality they need, humankind will lose its ability to perceive them.

Apart from psychological problem, there is also a problem of lack of human body defences protecting against negative influence and effects of aggressive artificial informational environment.

Human experimentations are being conducted globally, and people know nothing about them.


At the present day, the Third quantum revolution is taking place. Humankind is in a state when revolutionary, evolutionary, involutionary and convergence processes are taking place in our lives simultaneously.

Our planet is giving birth to the New Human. The birth of five types of indigo children is taking place.

Artificially intelligent technical substances — cyborgs — are being created. Genetically mutated, nanotechnological individuals of a new kind and quality. Since 1990-ies, formation of human twins in 3D bioprinters has been taking place.

Artificial life forms are being created. Subtle matter devices and beings with artificial intellect are being created. Creation and control of global artificial substances, such as Internet, is taking place. Technical means are changing and transforming very fast.

3. International Symposium in Tbilisi dedicated to the unconscious cerebration, 1979.

In 1979, at the International Symposium in Tbilisi dedicated to the unconscious cerebration, the notion of “unconscious” was officially divided into two functions — subconscious and superconscious, for the first time in international practice.

The symposium was conducted under the guidance of the leading secret services of the world.

At last, tripersonality was found in the human being — consciousness, subconsciousness and superconsciousness. Thirty five years have passed, but many people still do not have any definite information about superconscious function. At the same time, many developed countries have already adopted laws prohibiting use of psychotronic technologies aimed at influencing human consciousness via advertisement and other media.

All this is based on the knowledge of superconscious function, which is used in modern technologies that are hidden from people.

In 1980, Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology (Moscow, Russia), directed by P.V. Simonov, attempted to defend around 80 scientific works on unconscious cerebration, but it was inhibited from it, because secret institutions were in charge of that issue.


Basic principles of superconscious processes:

  • Torsional process (principle) is based on formation of two oppositely oriented vectors of effective torsional force in a specific point of space-time continuum. This principle applies both to micro and macro objects of organic and inorganic nature.

  • Leptonic process (principle) is based on formation of a biomorphic hologram of the essential nature which has three functional needs (desires):

  • Desire to develop one’s abilities.

  • Desire to acquire new abilities.

  • Desire to adapt.

  • Gluon process (mechanism) includes self-awareness, self-development and self-protection..


Currently, humankind is divided into three major groups:

  • Human resource.

  • Transhumanist Movement.

  • Noospheric humankind.

1. Human Resource is the conglomerate of people with restricted abilities and needs who live for today in a limited space of ideas. The majority of them have underdeveloped individual psychology. Few of them have collective, team psychology, and they guide the others on different levels of social organisation.

2. Representatives of the Transhumanist Movement are typically the elite of the Human Resource Movement. They have a financial possibility to purchase technologies, methods and resources developed nanotechnologically, genetically, biotechnologically, with the use of microelectonic, computer, informational, plasma, chronal, suggestive, mental, neural, psychological, etc., technologies, which serve as external supplements, substitutions and intensifiers, as well as other resources turning a human being into a symbiosis, a biopsychotechnical object of new generation. The drawback of transhumanism lies in the fact that spiritual qualities are being lost and psychological development is changed, which leads to the loss of human qualities.

3. Noospheric people. The main emphasis is on the systemic integral psychophysiological development of the brain and the entire human body through activation of dormant ancient structures of the brain. The result is:

  • Development of innate, phantom and essential senses, dense and subtle bodies.

  • Development of leptonic scanning abilities from micro to macro objects of the past, present and future, and within three dimensions — material, non-material and Bardo spaces.

  • Development of one’s essential nature, immortal atmanic state — a substance which can exist in several different bodies and objects simultaneously due to holographic consciousness, use of holographic brain interface and human Internet.

Noospheric people are the intellectual, human and creative capital of any country and the international community.

A noospheric person is someone who feels a need for and a sense of connection to the divine and planetary development.

Scientific and technical development has approached creation of interactive glasses, echo helmet, holographic human brain interface on the basis of switching in and development with the use of laser and leptonic generators. All these and other technologies of transhumanism have a very weak spot – consciousness and human brain. Unique, alive technologies are being created, but a human being cannot tolerate them, is destroyed and killed by them.

An impulse of the Holy Spirit from within is needed for further successful development.

Noospheric development is the most advanced and progressive in terms of formation and preparation of human consciousness and brain for future technologies and a new life.

In the process of noospheric development, holographic brain interface is formed without any artificial influences on human brain and body. Noospheric technologies enable creation of a new noospheric human being whose hidden enormous potential and resources are activated.

6. Basic principles of the development of the Holographic human brain interface

- Eye leptonic emission

Our eyes perceive photon emission – light. When light enters the eyes, it turns into a biochemical signal and is processed by the system of visual centres of the brain.

Consequently, the brain emits leptonic radiation, which is stronger than photon emission, through the body and eyes, and a person sees the world around.

Put your palm in front of your face. Start looking carefully at your palm, picturing how you make a hole in it with your eyes, drill through it. You will feel a strong sensation in your palm immediately. This is the result of the emission coming from your eyes. Anyone can conduct this illustrative experiment, but science is unaware of such phenomena, or, to be more precise, conceals such knowledge.