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What to expect in 2018. Forecast and perspectives

2018, in this year Universal love is beginning to spread, "on its shoulders" NEW SENSE will enter into each life, from micro to macro objects.

The role of man and humanity in this is enormous. The task of many Deities is to transform those who are ready and willing.

In this year it will be important to manifest 3 main qualities: Rituality, Universal love and The manifestation of celebration.

Rituality is the construction of culture and understanding safety measures for dealing with the environment. It is necessary to structure everything in your surrounding area. So that everything will be on its place and functioning according to schemes. Of course, these schemes need to be improved. Rituality also includes the ability to feel what the deities needs and try to realize it. Correct rituality gives access to many processes.

The manifestation of celebration means, a proper attitude to the celebration. One needs to learn to enjoy and celebrate everything in life, for example, a flower that you see, a beautiful girl, a new day and so on. The deity of the celebration is very important, it is necessary to be able to adjust its manifestation through oneself.

The manifestation of Love involves improving the quality of Love towards all processes. Feel how love is manifested in different situations. The first sign of the absence of Love is indifference. However, Love is like a disease - it needs to get over and overcome. If a person contradicts the manifestation of global deities, then he becomes incompatible with their Love and this subject will be self-destructed. To be compatible with spiritual forces – it is necessary to develop sensitivity. Be me, and I will be you, and the secret reveals itself to you. Empathy, mutual adjustment is the most important moment.

Vyacheslav Bronnikov

Webinar “What to expect in 2018. Forecast and perspectives”.

January 27, 2018

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