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Vadim Zeland about the Bronnikov Method. Part 2

Energy management is the smallest part of all that the Bronnikov method gives. You can learn to see the subtle world - the space of options. In fact, such a vision is nothing but a dream in a waking state. In dreams, you go into an uncontrollable and erratic journey in the space of options. And here you learn to see what you intend to see: the past, the future, or what is hidden from the eyes in the present. The possibilities are truly fantastic. However, you will have to work hard. Super abilities are not given as easily as Transurfing in everyday life. Although many here are affected by the difficulties. Books, as it turned out, do not always help everyone.

In my opinion, Bronnikov School exceeds all other similar schools putted together, judging by the extent of its effectiveness and proximity to the new realities. Students of Bronnikov in a few months learning to master what monks in Tibetan monasteries cannot achieved within a few years of hard training. I myself have learned so far only the first stage of this school, but the results have surprised me. When I do an energy massage – one of the exercises of Bronnikov, I do not need to touch the body with my hands. The energy felt like a very dense substance, and controlled. After a few weeks of classes my energy body was also significantly material as well as physically. This is the case when you can really touch it what used to be only in the imagination, or on the photographs of the aura. And that's just the beginning.

Vadim Zeland

Apocryphal Transurfing

Chapter – The Energy of intention

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