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TWELVE WORLD VIEWS of a Cosmic Human

The worldview of the individual is a battle for human awareness.

The worldview of the team is a culture of values necessary for survival.

A systemic worldview is a synchronization of the individual's

worldview with Nature and the Cosmos.

The science of Cosmopsychobiology considers a system of 12 types of worldviews, not 3 as in most primitive textbooks on philosophy. Modern philosophy is built on and takes into account only three worldviews.

The scientific world view does not take into account the religious, mythological, metaphysical, magical and alchemical worldviews, the worldview of human-animal, humanbeast, reasonable human, the worldview of a saint, archon and the worldview of God in man.



It consists of three worldviews: mythological, religious and scientific. These worldviews are social technologies of power and control of t he masses. These power technologies are based on: myth, scam, blackmail. They offer people a beautiful packaging, veiled so t hat only the top of the iceberg i s visible, and only selected classes know what the hidden part.

Mythological worldview (it is based on the image) Conscious and unconscious perception of i mages from the environment creates the effect of brain mapping. Creation of a map of the brain depending on the environment and conditions of birth, development and maturation. All advertising in Soviet Union was under the control and

management of the secret services.

Religious worldview - (based on faith: consumerism, faith in self-sacrifice, atheistic faith in unbelief, and faith in one's destiny). Religious worldview i s the i nfluence of unconscious hidden phenomena on the l ife of a person, the f ormation of a psychological dominant as the highest hidden and mysterious will, which carries a mandatory punishment for sins for this type of person.

Scientific worldview - (based on knowledge). Any knowledge i s built on l aws and principles, which, in turn, limit the freedom of thought and action. Defining life within its own limits. The scientific worldview introduces its own languages, concepts, devices, and technical methods, making a person dependent on scientific knowledge.


Metaphysical (observer), magical (communication) and alchemical (organization) worldviews are the most important factors that determine the quality of the work of the human brain, human potential.

• Metaphysical worldview - (based on t he principle of an observer). In modern days, the

metaphysical worldview i s clearly manifested among scientists studying quantum mechanics. The position of an observer forms a system-holistic, holographic worldview and has two types of observers: i nternal and external.

Magic worldview - (based on a game, communication), t he magician i n Arabic means - a pundit. The most important element is the ability to control entities, elements, people, processes. We can say that the magical worldview is the quality of a leader.

Alchemical worldview - (based on the organization). The ability to organize anything from micro to macro processes, creating a synergistic effect, i .e. gaining or making profit. The alchemical worldview is being replaced by the concept of nanotechnologies, thereby i nfringing on the true meaning. A person i s mentally capable, using visualization (image) and energy message, to make a magical nanotechnological phenomenon.


The worldview of an animal, beast and man is the radar properties of the organism. Animals search for food by the radar property, the beast by the radar property has power over the territory, habitat, and a person empathizes with children, relatives, and others.

Worldview of the Animal - (based on the sense of smell). The physical body of a person is the animal part - the subconscious, consisting of a l arge system of essences of organs and systems of the body. The body l ives its own l ife and knows what i t needs and what i t wants. A person should not eat, but feed his body. For an organism's point of view the hungry state is the norm, while a full state is a pathology (a half-dead state). If t he sense of smell i s poor or undeveloped, then t his i s the first sign of problems with the worldview of the animal state in the person's body.

• Worldview of the Beast - (based on hearing. Those who have ears, l et them hear). Hearing does not mean the ears, but certain qualities of the brain (the brain i s the hypersensitive gland of the superconscious function of the organism). This property i s often compared t o the sixth sense and intuition. The worldview of t he beast i s the ability t o survive and win, to achieve this it is necessary to have a highly developed i ntuition, superconscious properties.

• Human`s worldview - (based on empathy). A person feels t he surrounding space with his heart: people, animals, a village, a city as his body. Has a high level of empathy, lives in his thin and dense bodies, as well as in other objects and events.


The worldview of a saint, an archon and God are indicators of the awakened consciousness that reveal the creative development of a person.

• The worldview of a saint - (based on generating a new phenomenon). In every person there is a worldview of a saint. Every morning a person thanks God for another day of life that he gives to a person. The worldview of a saint is the ability to see everything new, to rejoice and be grateful for it. Even in bad things a saint can see something bright and good and be grateful for it. The saint is led by the newness of life.

• Archon's worldview - (based on management). The ability to control one's body, desires,

needs, animals, people, collectives, etc. depends on the presence of the worldview of the archon in a person. From here we see that there are people No. 1 and No. 2, thorough breds and yard children, leaders and performers, etc. The worldview of an archon is a manifestation of the psychology of a feudal lord.

• Divine worldview - (based on t he need to achieve goals). The divine worldview is grandiose

goals in terms of space and time, goals on a planetary and cosmic scale and the need for

their implementation. The Divine i s a l iving program that exists i n every person.

Conclusion: Depending on the uneven development of 12 worldviews, the qualities of consciousness

are distorted and it leads to the f ormation of 18 types of accentuated personalities.


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