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A School for Awakening: Interview with Bronnikov Center CEO Iryna Graveland-Raibkova

Developed in Russia with training facilities there and in other countries, The Bronnikov Center has systematically trained over 1.5 million people to develop their extrasensory abilities. It was founded by Dr. Vyacheslav Bronnikov, author of 70+ scientific articles & publications, whose profound clairvoyance was discovered and developed as a young child. Awaken recently spoke with the Center’s CEO, Iryna Graveland-Raibkova, to learn more about its unique programs and how its students are using their skills.

Awaken: Your website is really impressive! In addition to descriptions of programs that build clairvoyant vision and testimonials from many internationally-recognized scientists & thinkers including Drunvalo Melchizedek, it shows videos of Bronnikov Center students riding bicycles and describing pictures while blindfolded. What do your trainings entail?

Iryna: The Center offers 3 initial levels of training in The Bronnikov Method (officially known as System Bronnikov-Fekleron). The first, “Ecology of the Spirit”, helps the student feel and interact with life force energy. The second, “The Inner Vision”, allows him to discover new worlds inside himself. The third, “Alternative Vision”, develops the ability to see the material world with the physical eyes closed. This skill has been used in different martial arts’ systems for centuries.

The Bronnikov Method teaches that there are thousands of different directions of human life and therefore, a great many ways that the techniques can be used to enhance the human experience. The Center offers 3 advanced courses for people who have completed Level 3.

The Neurovision program is for diagnosis of disease, whether within the human body or in an organization (like a company). It is focused on obtaining specific, verifiable results.

World of Sight and Vision is a program specifically designed for blind people. It helps to develop the holographic interface of the human brain so that blind people can see the world around them without physical eyesight. With this ability, they can life independently.

Geography of the Subtle World trains students to see the energies and other important non-physical characteristics of global holy sites and power places.

Awaken: So the Neurovision program can help develop medical intuition?

Iryna: Yes. It teaches the ability to see internal organs, cells and tissues. "Medicine of life" is our primary task, because so many people are affected by illness. Neurovision teaches how to look inside someone’s body and see the cause of problems as well as how to fix them. Some Neurovision students work in the medical profession; others use what they’ve learned to help themselves and their family. Acting as diagnosticians, they can see the processes in the body of their client, correct what's going wrong and make recommendations on how the client can improve the situation.

This skill can also be used in business, to understand why a business isn’t running properly and how to improve the situation. It can be used in both big and small organizations. For example, you can look to see if the location of a shop is correct. There may be a cemetery nearby or something else that would take the energy. I also have friends at large companies who use it in their work.

Everyone is different and has different interests. Another friend loves soccer and tries to predict the result of matches using this method. You can achieve all possibilities; it depends on the awareness of the person.

Awaken: What are some other ways that this enhanced vision is being used? How else can it improve a person's life?

Iryna: It is being used in many ways. If you want to take a long trip, you can look ahead to see if there will be any disasters. Those things are pre-determined. By looking ahead, you can adjust your own plans to avoid these problems.

As a person develops this energy, he will not attract negativity such as bad habits or addictions. We have found that even after passing Level 1, many people change a lot. They often stop smoking, drinking and/or using drugs. By developing the "phantom" feelings, the person feels what takes his energy and what gives it. He feels the entities. As this happens, he becomes more aware of which path in life to take and which actions to commit - he can now choose those that give life energy and time, rather than those that take it.

Awaken: For many years, there has been a lot of very impressive scientific research in Russia into the expansion of consciousness, increasing mental abilities and paranormal activity. Why do you think this research is so advanced in Russia?

Iryna: This is largely a result of our history. Russia lost much of its culture, traditions & beliefs through wars and conflict. This has created in our minds sort of a "presence of emptiness". As a result, the consciousness of many Russians is free, empty and open for a new kind of information. And it is known that only an empty jar can be filled up.

The Bronnokov Method, which is based upon future technologies of the human brain, is well suited to this Russian consciousness. People in other countries such as China, Japan and India can learn the system, but it is more difficult because they are in a mindset of their culture's mysticism, religion and mythology.

Awaken: Can anyone develop these skills?

Iryna: In about 30% of people, these skills are already active. These people are psychic, but many are not aware of it, can’t properly use it, or can’t control it.

With another 30%, the abilities are in a sleeping state. With these people, the abilities can wake up suddenly such as when they are struck by lightening, in an accident or involved in another non-standard situation. Or the abilities can sleep forever if the person is not interested in personal development.

The remaining 40% have no innate psychic ability. They can be trained in sensation (Level I training) but can’t go much further to develop other skills.

Awaken: How many people have you trained so far (Level 1 or higher)?

Iryna: Over the past 30 years, The Bronnikov Method has been learned by more than 1.5 million people around the world. About 3,000 of these were trained outside of Russia at different Bronnikov Centers. Our center in Rotterdam (in The Netherlands) has trained just a few hundred people in the past few years.

Awaken: How has this work affected you personally?

Iryna: I have been trained since 1999 and it has changed my life completely. I was very closed as a child – utterly lost. As a teenager, I had a lot of problems such as bad habits, bad friends and visions that I couldn’t control. When I started to use The Bronnikov Method, I became a different person and all negativity was gone. The Bronnikov Method also helped me in school as I became more organized and could more easily concentrate.

Physically, I started to feel my own body, and since then, I almost never get sick. Before that, I would get sick at least once a year, usually in February. It helped me with stamina – it takes a lot to make me tired now. Last year, I had a child and I recovered very quickly.

Psychologically, it helps with relationships because you feel the energy of others. The relationship between husband & wife becomes better.

Awaken: So The Bronnikov Center training isn’t just about developing clairvoyance. It’s also a way to re-connect spiritually and improve many aspects of life.

Iryna: The main purpose of the training is to develop spiritually. Through step by step exercises, we learn more about ourselves and the Bardo Space ( This helps us become aware of ourselves as Atman - an informational pixel - a transmitter of information, ancestors and descendants, material and non-material space.

In this consciousness, the developed person can look at things from different points of view. In his personal relationships, he can see how people play many different roles – not just father, son, husband, etc. – but much broader and wider roles.

The greater the awareness of the student, the more abilities he will have. The highly developed human doesn’t get sick or tired. He also has greater longevity. Many gurus are dying early – at age 70 or 80 – but when a person becomes quite developed, he can live 160 or more years. The organization of the brain becomes brilliant.

Awaken: Why is this so important now?

Iryna: We live in a time of Kali Yuga (the age of quarrel and strife). People are very materialistic and there are huge psychological problems. Many have become numb and don’t feel anything. As a society, we have come to a crisis.

Awaken: It’s interesting that as technology continues to expand exponentially, The Bronnikov Method offers a solution that is completely human-centric. There are no machines, computers or artificial intelligence (AI) involved.

Iryna: A computer or smartphone updates itself every month or even more often. And humans? We are already far behind machines. In this time of change, we can choose to follow the development of machines or human development. To be clear, The Bronnikov Center is not against machines or transhumanism. This is a natural part of evolution. But we do see the development inside of us and not just outside, as is broadly believed. All the possibilities, all the power, is within each individual.

At The Bronnikov Center, we want humans to develop themselves. With this training, you first help yourself, your family and friends; then you start to apply it on a broader scale. You understand the causes of why things happen.

Awaken: What is the future of your work?

Iryna: Dr. Bronnikov is very interested in helping humanity to evolve. Our program is very big but there are still few fully developed people. Yet, in the future, our followers and students may be better than us. They will carry on the work.


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