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The most valuable things in life you cannot see with your eyes

In fact, it’s not the blind people that have a problem – It’s us, sighted.

We get hung up on our normal vision. We are programmed: if you have eyes – you can see only this way, there is no other way. But why? You can also see directly with the brain. And it is also possible to see with the heart. By the way, this was said 2,000 years ago. This is not a metaphor, but a real possibility that the masses just do not know how to master. For example, imagine that a regular persons brain is a phone with a wire. And I have a mobile phone. You will ask me: "Bronnikov, but how can your phone work? Where's your wire? It must be very thin... where did you hide it?! So, figuratively speaking, your eyes work with a wire connection, while people that are trained in our method – have a brain like a mobile phone (without wires) it’s a wave process. We have a blind student that is sitting with his back to the TV playing his PlayStation. They are able to see a volume, and not just linearly like usual people, that are, I am sorry – underdeveloped. The kind of vision that we are developing is more full than usual "looking" through the eyes. This is proven by Academician Natalya Petrovna Bekhtereva and the Institute of Human Brain, Russian Academy of Sciences.

But among mortals, unfortunately, very few are able to take this information even just as a possibility. Let’s collect today a 100 blind people and say: "We give you this technology for free". How many do you think of them will want to learn this? Just 1 or 2 %. Because, blindness is a problem not only physical. In most cases it comes from the psychological illiteracy of the human.

A lot of people who wear glasses are in fact the victims of their own stereotypical thinking. They just do not know that there are three stages of human maturation:

Stage 1, 16 till 25 years, stage 2, 30 till 45 years and stage 3, 50 till 70 years. And in these stages there are usually visual disturbances. Why? Because on the psychological level, there is revision of certain values, changing the point of view on the world.

People that are depending on usual patterns immediately put on glasses, prostheses. For what? You just need some time, re-orientate, adapt, get used to this new quality. We must be ready for this, but the majority of people in this sense are absolutely illiterate.

Vyacheslav Bronnikov

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