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Vadim Zeland about the Bronnikov Method. Part 1

As yet, mainstream science is unable to explain or confirm the existence of the alternatives space. Quite the opposite in fact, sci­ence will try to discredit the Transurfing model which is not sur­prising because official science is a typical pendulum. Generally speaking, science, for all its indubitable merits and achievements is prone to brush to one side anything that does not fit into its frame­work. When it encounters anything that defies explanation it wrig­gle every which way accusing its opponents of being charlatans of juggling the facts or of simply ignoring the obvious, anything to remain on its pedestal of granite. There was one person howev­er, academic Vyacheslav Bronnikov who managed to completely snooker science by combining the totally incredible with the more than obvious.

Children taught at the International Academy of Human De­velopment created by Bronnikov demonstrate extraordinary abili­ties. These individuals are capable of seeing with their eyes closed just as well as when they are open. They can memorise huge vol­umes of information. They have the gift of clairvoyance and can perceive distant objects as clearly as through a telescope. It is dif­ficult to believe but a fact is a fact. They see through walls as if there were no obstacle there at all. How do they do it?

Neurophysiologists who carry out research into the effect of direct vision describe their observations in the following way: "in normal sight the apparatus registers the area where the signal en­ters, its movement in the brain and how it is processed. In the case of direct vision the point of entry is not registered and there is no apparent movement of the signal in the brain and yet the equipment very precisely register that the signal is processed. All attempts to block signal entry to the brain gave a negative result. We are dis­covering something that displays features totally unrelated to elec­tromagnetic processes."

It appears that the brain is capable of seeing without the means of the apparatus of sight and that the way the information is re­ceived remains unknown. How should this be interpreted? Bronnikov describes this phenomenon in terms of a connection the con­scious mind and something he calls higher consciousness. "High­er consciousness" he writes, "lies outside of the human mind as a kind of environment". You have probably guessed already that in the context of Transurfing this environment is understood to be the alternatives space. It does not really matter what how one re­fers to it. The essence remains the same.

The mind or, if you prefer, the brain "sees" what is in the alter­natives space by means of the soul whereas the eyes observe physi­cal reality. In the case of direct vision the brain attunes to the met­aphysical information field where quite literally the entire mould of physical reality is stored. Once you have access to this bank of data you can perceive objects irrespective of where they are physi­cally located, behind a wall, under the ground or many miles away.

The alternatives space consists both of areas that have been manifest as material reality and areas that have not been realised. In order to develop direct vision you have to learn to perceive the current realised sector. From a physiological point of view this could be interpreted as a certain synchronization between both hemispheres of the brain. Bronnikov developed an entire system of special (and at the same time very straight forward) exercises enabling ordinary individuals to develop these abilities. If you want to you can find relevant information on the internet and try it your­self. It is all very possible.

Vadim Zeland

Transurfing Reality. Stage 4. Ruling Reality

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