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What is The Claw of the Dragon?


I have heard in one of your webinars about the claw of the dragon. What is the claw of the dragon and which purpose does it have?


“The Claw of the Dragon" – is a special form of the hand that accumulates through the development of antigravity muscles.

The form:

1. fingers phalanges should be perpendicular to the surface of the hand.

2. The palm should be horizontally to the surface on which abut the fingers.

3. The form of the hand finally gets set up with the help of exercises and a stress (load) on the hand.

What does it give?

In the hand develops an artificial paralysis. Antigravity muscles get activated, and the usual muscles are relaxed. It is necessary to learn how to quickly create an “artificial paralysis" and quickly create relaxation - it creates new psychological characteristics of the organism. It creates precise movements and a fantastic speed. At the same time of the development of antigravity muscles the quality "body block" gets formed.

The body block means that the body becomes impenetrable and can't get traumatized, but on the contrary becomes dangerous to any enemy.

Dangerous because through these antigravity muscles fibers is streaming consciously controlled protective energy. With the help of protective energy antigravity muscles are attacking the enemy.

In the process of development of the "Claw of the Dragon" and its qualities, the ability to quickly create an “artificial paralysis" in the hand and the ability to switch off this "paralysis" instantly, opens the possibility to spread these qualities from the hands on true out the body. This practice transforms the whole human body and true psychic energy inviolability of the body.

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