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Vyacheslav Bronnikov events "Spiritual and Energetic practices” April 2017 | Saint Petersburg,

I would like to ask you a simple question:

What do you think is the difference between a human being and an animal? It's a very simple question.

You could say that, in fact, the animal adapts itself to the world around it whilst a human being transforms the world around him. However, I`m going to disappoint you, because there are many creatures on this Earth that able to transform the world around them.

The most powerful transformer of the world is mold and the master of planet Earth is mold as well. Then there's the mushrooms and everything else. Viruses for example, transform everything around them, they are able to insert their DNA into everything and are able to transform anything. Viruses that create epidemics are constantly mutating, adapting and ever changing.

The fact that we build machines like cars and computers is such primitive crap, you cannot imagine! Nature is immensely more powerful and infinitely better!

I will give you one example, it's one of a thousand examples! In south America, there are ants that live only underground. At a specific moment, the ant creeps out, in some kind of a zombie hypnotic state , it eats a mushroom spore and then searches for the tallest tree. How does it know where exactly it is, it has lived underground all its life! It then finds the tallest tree, crawls to its very top and dies there. And inside of it, the mushroom grows. The fungus sprouts only because of fools in nature. The fungus telepathically influences the spores and the ant and ignites a conversion and a mutation inside them.

Such things exist in the world, for example: There are fish, that are able to transform their color and so on and so forth... I know a lot of such examples from nature that will shock you! Can you yourself do this?

And the human animal is not on top of the evolutionary ladder of development, mind you, but instead on a steep hill of idiots in Nature.

But then, what is our special feature? The animal world has limited programs in its life: 2, 3, 5... but a Human being however, he has the capability to develop in himself thousands of programs.

Vyacheslav Bronnikov

Level 1.2 "Essential Human Nature". April 19, 2017 | Saint Petersburg, Russia

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